Countrywide Works with Public Agencies

Our Assistance Makes Dealing with Government Easy



The government can confuse people. Bureaucracies are both national, state, and local. You may have to deal with one and not the other two or, all three at the same time. The average employee is going to find all this frustrating. Many group legal plans do not bother with helping but Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services does. Our group legal plan benefits include assistance with government agencies.

Your tax dollars fund various services through public agencies. These organizations require certain types of information. What can get confusing is what is needed by a federal agency, may be entirely different than what is requested by a local municipality. On top of everything else, some deadlines need to be met. The wrong information will probably result in an application returned to the individual for corrections. It creates an administrative delay that might end up with a missed deadline. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer group legal plan benefits for organizations. Our attorneys provide help with those public agencies.

Experience Matters

The attorneys in our nationwide network who provide pre-paid legal services have more than just book knowledge of the law and administrative procedures. These professionals have worked with public agencies on all levels and understand the process better than most. Additionally, they may have developed relationships within the bureaucracies. It allows them to direct a person to the right public servant.

Countrywide lawyers are familiar with the various government applications. They can help a group legal plan member complete the forms for submission. Inspection by a Countrywide professional can also prevent the wrong data being submitted. There is considerable time saved when Countrywide attorneys are involved.

Additional Service Support our Public Agency Assistance

Our various benefit options are backed up by secondary services. These are there regardless of what pre-paid legal services are in the plan document. It is easy to set up a face-to-face consultation with the Countrywide attorney, and there is more. If there are questions that surfaced after the meeting, a plan member has the right to make an unlimited number of telephone calls to the Countrywide lawyer on a given situation. There are instances in which additional information is needed to complete an application. A Countrywide attorney has the ability to make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the group legal plan member. We do all we can to make dealing with government entities as efficient and easy as practicable.

Employees do appreciate the assistance with public bureaus. It is not the only benefit Countrywide will provide. There are others, but these may or may not be what the workforce needs. We allow our clients to pick what options will be in the final plan document.

We Have What Your Employees Need

Draft of simple wills, consumer protection advice, or help with medical powers of attorney might or might not be part of the final plan. It is left entirely to the client. What Countrywide guarantees that that efficient service will be provided. Our plan members get priority treatment by all attorneys who work with us. Our administration is such that plan members receive service as soon as possible.

The quality of support we provide is a primary reason why so many plan members like working with Countrywide. We do everything possible to provide the maximum benefit.

Interaction with public agencies doesn’t always happen but when they do, they ought to be prompt and efficient. Countrywide offers the kind of assistance to make these encounters convenient. Everything works better when a Countrywide attorney is involved. The same can be said for all our benefits. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and find out more about our services. We provide help to people in routine matters and everyd