Credit Card Counseling Must be Ethical

IDtheftThere are Too Many Fraudulent Counselors

Credit card debt can seem like a bottomless pit for many consumers. Those who are in trouble ordinarily want to take responsibility for what they owe but need some help. This is why they go to credit card debt counselors who promise to provide the right assistance. The problem is that some of these debt counselors are really only helping themselves.

Assistance Fees Can Be Crippling

A person in credit card trouble will sit down with a counselor to try to find out what he or she can do. The counselor may set up a debt management plan by which the counseling company handles the debt payments. Trouble arises with the startup fees and the monthly maintenance fees. The startup fees can be extremely high and the monthly fees can also be expensive. It is not out of the ordinary for a person to incur even greater debt working with the debt counseling company. The poor consumer is trapped because they signed agreements that may be very binding. It is an instance where in the effort to try to get out of trouble, a person gets into even deeper distress. What is needed is financial wellness counseling from an ethical company. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is that.


A Reputation for Integrity

We have designed group legal benefits for companies and other organizations since 1987. We are well known for providing honest and competent service. Countrywide recognizes the problem credit card debt has caused, and we offer organizations the chance to provide a financial wellness program for employees. Included in that is credit counseling. A plan member can arrange for a meeting with a counselor who will help develop a means of getting out of debt trouble. That credit counselor is bound to the ethical standards of Countrywide. We screen our debt counselors very carefully, making sure that they are not trying to take advantage of a plan member. Only those who live up to our standards are allowed to be part of our network. This is the same type of ethical practice we’ve done with legal benefits, and now we are doing this in the area of financial help counseling. Any complaints by a plan member are dealt with firmly.

It is sound advice which is offered. Counselors are aware of the anxiety of a given plan member. Countrywide expects that these plan members be given top priority. We also want our counselors to provide patient understanding service. This is not an opportunity to lecture anybody but fiscal responsibility; it is a chance to help them out of a problem. Any employer who provides a financial wellness program sponsored by Countrywide can expect to have their employees treated with respect and courtesy.

We want people who are in credit trouble to get service quickly. We have streamlined our administration so that anyone who needs help gets it as quickly as possible. No one is expected to have to wait great lengths of time for the assistance they need. This is all part of the standard operating procedure for Countrywide. We developed this with our group legal plans and we’re using the very same strategy with financial wellness. We expect high quality and are counselors will provide.


We have a number of financial wellness options which an organization might think about. These include among other things help with student loan situations. We will develop a plan to the specifications of the organization. The client tells us what is desired; we provide it. Superior service comes with every plan. Employers know how important it is to help hard-working Associates run into credit card debt. We can provide help and other options as well. A decision-maker wants to provide employees with the financial wellness plan is invited to contact us about our services