Two Attorneys are better than None

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Legal Networks Help Plan Members

 No, it does not mean you are surrounded by a team of lawyers over a small issue. Most group legal plan members require one attorney to handle a given situation. Two attorneys means that if one attorney is not able to handle the case, there is another one to whom a person can be referred. It will happen there are special areas of law that require very precise experience and knowledge. A person can benefit from having that specialized legal voice.

This is Where a Network Helps

The expertise could be in immigration law or mineral rights. These among other instances are cases where a general legal practitioner can be at a disadvantage. Special areas of law often require additional training and these types of attorneys come at a premium. Group legal services of a superior plan will include a network of attorneys. This can be nationwide and allow a group legal plan member to have access to the right attorney. Something also has to be considered is the cost of such a legal expert. Many times their fee schedule is much greater than that of an ordinary lawyer. The danger can be the need of particular service can run a major expense. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has been designing group legal plan benefits since 1987. We have used the years to develop a very strong network of attorneys. This is a system that is nationwide, allowing group legal services to be provided wherever a plan member may happen to be.

We know all about the cost of the right legal advice. We also know how important it is to give a group legal plan member some help when it comes to the finances. As part of being a member of our legal referral benefit, a lawyer with specialized knowledge agrees to give a discount of 25% off of their schedule. Lawyer also will provide a 10% discount for any contingency fee case. We know what the cost will be because of all of these lawyers are required to supply us with their fee schedule. Countrywide sees to it that no person is taken advantage of when it comes to the group legal services requested.

The Problem of Distance Is Resolved

Trouble can happen when a person is far away from home. He or she needs to be able to get good legal advice, and that is again one of the benefits of a network. Countrywide attorneys are everywhere and a plan member is able to easily get in touch with legal counsel. Even though this person may be from out of state the Countrywide attorneys still treats him or her with utmost respect. Countrywide insists on good customer service no matter who the individual plan member happens to be. Our attorneys understand that and respect the requirement. The favorable comments we received from numerous plan members gives evidence of excellent customer service.

We Deliver What the Client Wants

Organizations come in all sizes and each has its own unique needs. Countrywide work with clients to provide exactly what is desired. We have a many great legal benefits but it is the client chooses the options which would be part of the given plan. It is our responsibility to tailor the plan to the client needs and provide superior customer service. We also streamline the administration to keep things moving. We do not want any plan member to be forced to wait for long periods. Countrywide group legal services are delivered as quickly as possible, and as efficiently as expected.

A network adds more service to any plan. Our network in one of the best in the industry and provides considerable help. We encourage anyone who is interested in Countrywide benefits to contact us and permit us to answer any questions.