Dealing with Agency Blues It Does not Need to be Rough

stockfresh_1369833_legal_sizeS-300x199Anyone who pays taxes has a right to request those government services they are entitled to receive. These might not be significant issues like immigration visas or housing assistance, but perhaps transportation allowances or help with assisted care for elderly parents. Employees will now and then need the help of the government, especially local agencies. It is very frustrating when there are delays or misunderstandings, and these will happen, sometimes regularly.

 Doing the Right Thing

It has less to do with integrity than filing accurate information with the right agency. The government relies on data, much of it personal, to do its job. Mistakes are what cause the most delays. Incorrect data will put a person back to square one, and everything must be resubmitted. The worst-case scenario is if the agency suspects a person is cheating, which can be a misunderstanding with consequences. Group legal plans offer quite a few services, but not all will give aid in helping with government agencies. Fortunately, Countryside Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit option that features advice on dealing with the bureaucracy.

The Advice Comes from Experts

No one is helped if the suggestions are wrong or delivered by people who do not understand public service. Countrywide has a nationwide network of attorneys whose objective is superior pre-paid legal services. These legal professionals help clear up the confusion and remove the obstacles to getting government benefits.

Our attorneys are in every community where there is a Countrywide client. Group legal plan members have priority status; arranging a personal meeting with an attorney is simple. There is no need to worry about COVID-19 risks. Our lawyers have safety protocols in place.

It is stressful to work with the government when a person has no idea of what to do. Our attorneys work with public agencies all the time and are familiar with the official etiquette needed to get the job done. A Countrywide attorney will advise a pre-paid legal services benefit plan member on what data will be essential to unlocking the door to government assistance. Most importantly, the attorney will explain how the information is to be submitted, and the importance of getting papers filed adequately before deadlines. The attorney can also describe the appeals process if the original application is rejected or if the agency refuses to continue any given form of help.


 Going One Additional Step

Our secondary services are intended to let the attorney go one step beyond standard pre-paid legal services. We permit the lawyer to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. That is important because those communications gather additional information that will make all applications easier to complete. A group legal plan member has the right to ask as many questions as necessary to understand a specific process. The person can make such inquiries after a formal meeting.

Emotional intelligence is one more step in our commitment to personalized service. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with stubborn public agencies. Our attorneys listen to the grievances, appreciate the anxiety of the pre-paid legal services benefit plan member, and seek workable solutions. There will be no sermons or lectures coming from the lips of a Countrywide legal professional.

Clients Are Present at the Creation

A Countrywide benefit is meant to help all group legal plan members. We seek the input of a prospective client’s decision-makers to reach that goal. We carefully explain all our benefits and answer all questions. The client then chooses the benefit options, which will be part of the group legal plan, and we incorporate them in the final document. Our streamlined administration guarantees efficient delivery of any benefit.

Working with a government agency does not need to be a nightmare. We can help make things easier. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services. We welcome any opportunity to assist your employees.