Filling the Need with the Best Service Countrywide Has What You Need

3-employerEmployees need service, which is the primary reason for employee benefits. Employers are good at providing traditional assistance such as group health and life insurances, but employees will need more in the coming months. We are returning to work from COVID-19, and people must have some help to get things back to normal. Organizations must step up and respond with the right services.

The 2021 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey paints a picture of significant financial stress caused by the pandemic. Increased economic anxiety has been mentioned by noticeable majorities of respondents from Millennials (72%), Gen Z (68%), and Gen X (62%). It will need more than employee seminars or podcasts to lessen the money fears of these groups. Remote working has excellent advantages, but isolation is a challenge that will heighten financial stress. Benefits that address personal finances, without being impersonal, will be necessary. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides for both.

We Work on Financial Problems

Countrywide has a financial wellness program that speaks to the worries of employees coming back to work. We have a nationwide network of certified counselors responsible for sharing their expertise with all financial wellness plan members. Remote workers will appreciate the ability to have personal meetings with our counselors in safe environments where COVID-19 protocols are in place to prevent any infection.

Employees may need to adjust their spending habits after so much time in quarantine. Our counselors use a budget analysis to assess existing patterns and make professional suggestions on what alterations need to be made. How to better manage credit card debt will help a financial wellness plan member regain control over expenses, and a Countrywide counselor will show how to put money away each month for emergencies. Many young employees feel trapped by college debt repayments. That academic stress goes away as a Countrywide counselor points the way to managing the payments and even negotiating to refinance and reduce interest on existing amounts.

The pandemic has created nearly impossible problems. Bankruptcy or foreclosure appear as rapidly approaching dark storm clouds. Our counselors appreciate how helpless a person can feel when financial ruin seems imminent. We offer a Debt Management Plan that has special assistance for those in economic jeopardy. It includes counseling and other services to rescue a financial wellness plan member from ruin. It does cost a little bit more, but the benefit is more significant than any cost.

If a person is forced to file for bankruptcy, our counselor will help with the filings and advise that plan member on what to do to come out of bankruptcy. Financial distress is demoralizing, and a Countrywide counselor is aware of how important empathy is in healing wounds. Emotional intelligence is expected of all our counselors, and a sympathetic ear will be what every plan member receives.

The Client Plays a Significant Role

Countrywide has several financial wellness benefit options, and we want to provide as much helpful service as we can to all employees. The prospective client knows what is best for employees, and we ask the decision-makers for help. Countrywide explains all the benefits without trying to promote one over the others. We answer every question and offer suggestions if the client wants to hear them. The client will select what benefits will be part of the final plan and incorporate them in the official document. Countrywide will furnish world-class member services and a streamlined administration that assures quick delivery of requested services. No one must wait for help.

Going back to the office after a period of quarantine can be a challenge all by itself. No one should go back with a burden of financial woes on their back. Countrywide takes the load off an employee’s shoulders. If you have any questions about our benefits, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are ready to answer all your questions.