Dealing with Property Issues

The most valuable personal asset that a person has ordinarily is the house he or she lives in. The property in New Jersey can be fairly expensive, but it is worth the mortgage if there are no problems with boundaries or threat of foreclosure. Unfortunately, a home may be a person’s castle but it can also be a rather large headache.

The Laws can be very complicated

New Jersey has Statute 46 that covers the issue of property in the state, but it is not easy for a non legal person to understand. There are procedures to handle disputes with neighbors and zoning laws, in addition to local municipal rules that have to be followed. A person can get very easily confused trying to figure out what is the best way to solve an issue involving property. Employers have to keep in mind that such problems may come to their door. New Jersey companies spend a great deal of money relocating employees to the Garden State, and the last thing they need is a transferred employee complaining about problems that have arisen with the property after relocation is completed. To grant peace of mind both to the employee and a conscientious human resources director, group legal plans can definitely help.

Pre-paid peace of mind

The benefit of a prepaid legal services benefit is that it allows an employee to get in contact with an attorney well-versed in property law. This can be extremely important for a recently relocated employee who is not yet familiar with the state legal environment. A group legal plan allows that person to get the kind of advice he or she needs to resolve a property problem. The coverage also comes in handy if a property dispute has to be resolved in court. The provisions of prepaid legal services assist in the payment of attorney fees. It helps reduce the overall cost of a court case.

Rather than have a valued employee wrapped up in legal issues regarding property, a workable solution is what is needed for employers in New Jersey. Group legal plans developed with the assistance of Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide employees with the legal assistance they need without having to continually ask human resources for direction. Prepaid legal services for the employees are more than just help in dealing with a case that comes before the courts. Attorneys well-versed in real estate law can offer the kind of advice a person needs without extensive legal proceedings. Such a legal benefit definitely saves on attorney fees and also valuable time. It often happens the resolution of a property issue does not have a judge involved, and having the right legal help allows for negotiation and settlement outside of the courtroom. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has extensive experience in developing just the right group legal plan for any type of organization, whether it be a company, nonprofit, union, or trade association. With more than two decades of experience in creating these legal benefits, Countrywide has the knowledge and insights to help any New Jersey employer offer a highly effective benefit to the workforce.

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