Working with Fender Benders

Companies offer group legal plans to help employees out with legal difficulties such as estate planning and landlord – tenant issues. Such assistance is deeply appreciated by employees because it shows how the company truly cares about their welfare. Adoption and personal injury can be big-ticket items in court but there are some smaller issues that can be just as time-consuming and stressful. One of these is auto collision.

According to the New York state Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 10.4 million registered vehicles in New York City in 2005. It is a safe bet that those figures have not gone down, and that rush-hour traffic can be a full blown nightmare. Auto collisions don’t necessarily destroy the car, but the damage can be enough to be contested, especially if auto insurance doesn’t cover the dents and metal bruises. People are sometimes at risk of auto damage when driving in the City of New York. Prepaid legal services offered by their employer can help them out of any legal jam.

What is important about a group legal plan is that it helps a person connect with a good attorney, and at a reasonable price. Damage caused to automobiles is handled in Small Claims Court. The good news is that such cases are usually heard in the evening after working hours, but the bad news is the process can still be a headache. The other party may be relentless in their damage claim, and that can be a serious distraction. Prepaid legal services include advice from an attorney. It helps a person caught in an auto collision case to find a way out without having to resort to some form of courtroom drama. It is possible that the attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement so that nothing has to go to court at all. That is the best of all possible worlds.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has developed group legal plans for all types of organizations in New York. We are aware of the difficulties that can arise from a Small Claims Court case, and can help a person access the right kind of legal advice. The prepaid legal services plan introduces a member to a network of lawyers who will provide the right kind of insights. These legal experts can warn of possible problems and help prepare an explanation of the evidence so that a person knows what to do if the case does come before the judge. Although there can be no guarantee of success, the assistance given by the attorney can result in a far better presentation.

Group legal plans help prevent these matters from escalating into major court cases.
Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services appreciates how exasperating auto collision cases can be, but also recognizes that they have to be taken seriously. The benefit provided can help bring the entire matter to a resolution that is both workable and fair. That is a strong case for having such a service as part of a comprehensive employee benefit program.