Working with Small Claims

Small claims courts in Connecticut are arenas in which people will file civil action to recover damages that are as much as $5000. These courts are not as formal as others in that rules of evidence are not as strict. It can happen that people will represent themselves instead of hiring an attorney. That may not be the best course of action.

A common piece of wisdom in the legal world is that only a fool represents himself. Granted, small claims courts are not like a federal bench, but this part of the justice system does have a set of filings and forms that have to be filled out precisely. Angry people will sometimes threaten others with torts, but the same people may have no idea how to proceed in carrying out their intention. There are situations where a lawyer is needed if for no other reason than to do all of the paperwork. That can be expensive but doing without a lawyer can be extremely time-consuming. Prepaid legal services can really help a person in these situations.

The assistance can make a small court experience a lot simpler in Connecticut. Group legal plans can cover the cost of an attorney’s labor, as well as for the advice that is given. The last thing an employer would want to have would be employees tied up in small court proceedings where they are the plaintiff or the defendant. Attorneys can also help in reaching settlements prior to a court hearing and that can be extremely important for employers, because it may mean that a wage execution order may not have to be filed. The attorney assistance that can be secured through prepaid legal services might also mean that a day in court will not be necessary, which is definitely a time savings.

Countrywide Pre-paid Legal Services has worked with numerous organizations in Connecticut to develop group legal plans. We fully understand that small claims court cases can be very time-consuming and the good legal advice often resolves a case before it needs a hearing. The plans developed for employers are designed to meet the needs for legal advice without being horribly expensive. Prepaid legal services are also greatly appreciated by employees who find themselves caught in a situation where they are the defendant. We connect people through the group legal plan with seasoned attorneys who can expedite the process, so that time doesn’t have to be spent waiting for a turn before the bench.

Connecticut small claims courts are venues frequented by people who are not always well versed in the law. Sound legal counsel eliminates the confusion and helps a person go through whatever process is necessary to recover damages or settle minor disputes. Countrywide knows how important it is to put these lesser legal issues to rest as soon as possible. This is not to say that a small claims case is not important, but too often it takes more time than necessary. Services from a group legal plan can bring resolution quickly.