The Drama of Immigration

If eyes are watching what is going on regarding immigration in Congress, it is a safe bet that many of them are viewing the progress from California. The Golden State takes great pride in being a very diverse and multicultural community. Many of its citizens are legal immigrants from other countries, but these same people may have family members who are trying to cope with existing laws. How to best deal with what is currently on the books and respond to what may soon be enforceable law can be daunting.

An enormous amount of immigration law has been written over the years, creating a substantial body of law requiring adherence. Legal aliens need to make certain that permanent residence papers are in good order, and many immigrants are trying to help their family members become permanent residents in the United States. Current procedures and legal protocols are difficult enough. Anything that is new may require a bewildering amount of new paperwork and forms to be processed , creating a need for legal help.

Employers look the other way on these issues at their own risk. Any changes in immigration law could affect the company’s workforce and not always in a good way. Employees could have dependents whose status in America might be adversely impacted by any new law, and result in a round of legal filings that are time consuming. Indeed, the employee may have to miss work in order to help out. A worst-case scenario could be deportation hearings, which only add to the emotional burden borne by a productive associate. Prepaid legal services as a benefit offered by the company can definitely help everybody both with existing rules and any possible new ones.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has developed numerous group legal plans for employers, and is very much aware of potential challenges. Working with companies of all sizes, prepaid legal services have been designed for use in California. Group legal plans that can assist an employee better help his or her dependents and family through the immigration legal maze not only reduces anxiety, but also decreases the chance of additional legal proceedings which may cause an employee to miss work. The support provided showcases an employer’s concern for the well-being of all those who contribute to the company’s success.

The final immigration law passed will have a direct bearing on how America views its future cultural diversity and whether or not there will be limitations on who will be permitted to stay. Group legal plans can assist employees deal with the expense incurred by highly trained immigration lawyers. Prepaid legal services are not difficult to implement and Countrywide will gladly help sculpt a group legal plan that can address all kinds of existing immigration problems.

It is anybody’s guess what the future will hold and the formal legal process might even be simpler with a new law. In any event, the support and assistance that can come from having prepaid legal services available for staff shows an employer to be very sensitive to the needs of people not just on the job, but also in their domestic affairs.