Dealing with the Bureaucrats Countrywide Knows How to Do It


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Working with a government agency can be frustrating. There are a number of rules and regulations which need following and a failure to cross all the Ts and.all the I s can end up with a rejected request. Furthermore, agencies have rules mandating compliance or penalties are imposed. It becomes a serious headache.

Group legal plans should be able to help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides the kind of support that helps in dealing with bureaucrats.

We Can Work with Public Agencies

Countrywide has a nationwide network of qualified attorneys who provide pre-paid legal services to plan members. These lawyers live in the local community and are very familiar with the various public agencies. A group legal plan member can quickly set up a meeting with one of these lawyers and learn how to manage the maze of rules and regulations.

Public employees are not deliberately trying to make anybody’s life rough. They are required to follow certain guidelines, procedures, and instructions that many people do not know about. Countrywide attorneys know about the restrictions placed on government clerks. The lawyers also know how to navigate through the cubicles to get to the right person. Dealing with a public agency is made easy whenever Countrywide is involved.

Those worries about dealing with a public agency go away when Countrywide group legal plan service is available. Employees no longer need to worry about how to approach a public agency and apply for services. Countrywide has the resources that turn a difficult project into something that doesn’t require unusual effort. We are here to help.

Our Benefits Complement Each Other

Our group legal plan is a little bit different than the ordinary. The benefits which we offer are not standalone. As a matter of fact, you will quickly discover our options complement each other.

For example, the legal documents prepared by a public agency can be very confusing and frustrating. Countrywide permits attorneys to review contracts and other legal documents up to six pages. The service allows a plan member to get better service from an agency, and to have someone interpret the various legal forms. Plan members experience with a public agency is made simple when both benefit options can be employed.
Clients Select the Benefits

Clients can construct a pre-paid legal services plan that permits an employee to use several benefits to solve a problem. We allow our clients to choose what options are going to be in the final document. It is possible, therefore, to have the option of dealing with public agencies and the option of interpreting legal documents. It results in a much greater return on investment for the client.

No matter what the final document looks like, a client knows Countrywide provides excellent service. Our attorneys have legal knowledge and a personal touch, as well. Empathy is a quality we look for in an attorney and we insist on giving our plan members priority. The attention we give to service details is a primary reason why Countrywide is one of the ranking group legal plan vendors in the industry.

Public agencies exist to provide a service for all citizens. No one should be concerned about getting help from federal, state, or local bureaus. It is primarily anxiety that prevents a person from applying and receiving required help.

Countrywide works hard to make sure that plan members get the pre-paid legal services they deserve. We want everyone to know that they are treated equally, and that their needs are responded to rapidly. It is all part of our commitment to service. Prospective clients may have some questions about what we do, and we want to respond. If you’d like to know more about how Countrywide makes life easier for you. We welcome the opportunity to explain what we can do for your employees.handshake_businessman_refferal_lawyer-300x138handshake_businessman_refferal_lawyer-300x138