Debt Does Not Have to Destroy You You Can Manage It

sad-dollar-300x129Survey data tells upper management that the best way to retain good employees is to provide benefits that support their well-being. Financial wellness is something that fits that worker’s request. An excellent New Year’s resolution for an organization is to provide services that will help staff members encountering a financial crisis.


The Holiday Consequences


The last few weeks have been a time of giving, and going into debt. Most people can easily handle credit card payments, but some, unfortunately, are in serious trouble. People’s spending habits changed during the pandemic, and the eviction moratoriums and the stimulus checks altered financial behavior. So, it is no wonder that many folks went into severe debt and are now forced to confront the consequences. They are looking at possible bankruptcy, foreclosure, and forbearance to pay college loans.


These people are facing desperate situations, and panic is a primary emotion. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has tremendous empathy for those caught in a money bind. We have several services that enable people to ride out a significant debt storm.


Financial Wellness Help to the Rescue!


Countrywide offers a benefit to help those who are teetering on the brink. Our Debt Management Plan will help those who need additional counseling and attention to get out of economic quicksand. We must tell you upfront that this service costs a little extra than our financial wellness plan. However, this is a lifeline that saves their bank accounts for many people.


Bankruptcy is a depressing possibility that can impact a person’s credit rating. Countrywide supplies the counseling education required by the Bankruptcy Code. In addition, a financial management instructional course is there, which can help an employee be discharged from bankruptcy.


Our primary source of assistance comes from the nationwide network of certified counselors. These are financial professionals who deal with everyday problems. There is one in the community of every Countrywide client. The counselors will advise financial wellness plan members on various ways of reducing debt interest, waiving fees, or consolidating debt into an affordable repayment plan. Those who are having trouble with medical bills and college debt only discover ways to pay off the debt without taking drastic action.





The Client Is Always Involved


It does not make sense to offer help that employees cannot use. Countrywide wants to provide the financial wellness plan that each employee of a client may use. We asked the input of decision-makers to design the program. Countrywide will explain all its benefits to the decision-makers. We answer all the questions and provide insights into how an organization can provide meaningful assistance. The executives will decide what benefits will be part of the plan. Countrywide does administrative work and member services.


Compassionate employers care about how their employees are treated. Member services are critical, especially for those stressed out by debt. We assure our clients that the counselors are more than just financial wizards. They are recruited based on personal skills as well as financial acumen. We insist our counselors show empathy and respect for all plan members. We are here not to provide lectures what are embarrassing problems. Countrywide is proud of our counselors’ care and attention to a client’s employees. It is a service that is free of charge.


The American economy is adjusting to a new economic reality, and people need high-quality advice. Financial wellness is a service that offers assistance that people facing calamity will appreciate. In addition, those same people gain deeper respect from their employers because they know that the decision-makers are looking out for them and not just the bottom line.

If you have any questions about what Countrywide can do for you, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We are here to answer your questions, and we want to explain how we can provide a fantastic benefit for your hard-working employees.