A Debt Management Plan Matters

It is Worth Any Fee


People try to maintain control over their expenses. They know how important it is to financial wellness to stay current with all credit card debt and other obligations. Regrettably, this does not always happen. It is more than just the credit cards but also the mortgage, house loan, and perhaps college debt.

A massive flow of paper comes into the house from all directions, and each requires a separate payment. It quickly happens that things get out of control. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services knows of these problems. We have a way of getting out of the swamp.

The Plan Builds on Facts

The Countrywide Debt Management Plan is not a fill in the blanks activity. It is part of the process by which someone in desperate straits is given right kind of information and guidance. We have a network of certified counselors who have helped people get out of trouble. What our counselors will do is start the process with budget counseling sessions. These are for information gathering. Income and expenses of a financial wellness plan member are looked at carefully. The plan itself is then developed based on information, with recommendations from the counselor. It may include debt consolidation of certain obligations, in addition to seeking relief from creditors. The debt management plan in printed form can itself be a useful tool. It shows lenders the intent of a person to meet debt payments. It can be used to persuade the lender to have a little leniency.

We need to remind you there is a fee for a Debt Management Plan. It is because this form of assistance goes above and beyond the ordinary for the counselor. However, for someone who is in a grave situation, the Debt Management Plan is valuable. The Debt Management Plan also permits for customer assistance and ongoing financial counseling. As a benefit, it can save an awful lot of anxiety and help end what appears to be an almost impossible situation.

An Organization Can Be More Productive

Management has an interest in a person’s financial wellness. Decision-makers understand how crushing debt can cause a good employee to become horribly distracted. Hours spent worrying about deaths can impact on productivity. The Countrywide financial wellness plan allows a person to refocus. Our debt management plan creates a means of getting out of problems that can affect performance.

Management may still be concerned that the Countrywide financial wellness program is more than is necessary for the workforce. We know that decision-makers have a better understanding of what their employees need. We, therefore, allow a client organization to decide what benefit options are going to be part of the final plan document. It appears that college debt is not a dangerous situation, then it does not have to be part of the program. Other benefits may be better in tune with needs, and the client has the option of requesting them.

Regardless of the content of the final plan document, Countrywide commits itself to providing the very best service. We do not think that any plan member should have to wait an additional length of time for service. Our counselors are expected to put a Countrywide plan member at the top of the list and respond as soon as possible to a request. We deliberately streamlined our administration to expedite delivery of service. This is all in addition to the sensitive people skills we require from all our certified counselors.

No one needs to be in a bottomless pit of debt. Many times, it just takes the right amount of guidance and advice to get a person out of trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers this kind of support. Our other benefits also are intended to be of service. We encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience about all our financi