Escaping Limbo

Medical Powers of Attorney Brings Closure


Limbo is defined as an uncertain time. The decision is being waited on, and everything is in a condition of being unfinished. It is a theological term, but limbo is, in fact, a reality for many people who are in the critical care unit of a hospital. Limbo is a flat line definition of life. Patients who are on life support systems are in a holding pattern. They are neither fully dead or fully alive. A decision is being waited upon; the group legal plan can make things a lot easier for all parties if it includes medical powers of attorney.

The Importance of the Powers

Drafting of medical powers of attorney is a pre-paid legal services option that resolves limbo. It can end a situation where life-support is often the only meaning to the victim of an accident or medical catastrophe. A group legal plan member meets with an attorney to draft the document. In the pages of the medical powers, a person determines what will be done in a catastrophic situation where he or she can no longer communicate. This can include turning off life-support systems. The plan member also can name who will execute the instructions. It ordinarily falls to an individual who is highly trusted in these affairs. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services allows for drafting medical powers of attorney

The benefit of medical powers of attorney is evident. Anyone who is on life support for indefinite periods of time usually has no chance of reviving. Loved ones will sit around the bed hoping for a miracle; it rarely happens. Limbo means that an estate cannot be settled, funds cannot be distributed to beneficiaries, and still, the medical costs rise. A family may find themselves having to honor the deductible for two consecutive years or more. Nobody wants to put family and friends through this kind of hell. Countrywide attorneys are skilled in drafting this type of paperwork. They also know how important it is to deal on a personal level with plan members.

Dealing with a Real Person

Communication is something that the Countrywide group legal plan promotes. Face-to-face consultations are easy to arrange, and there is no limit to the telephone calls allowed in a given situation. This is a sensitive area, and our lawyers are aware of this. They will take the time needed to explain all the details. The final document is one that is airtight and provides clear instructions on what is to be done in the event of a severe medical crisis.



Pre-paid legal services can appear to be little more than shuffling papers. Organizations are sometimes skeptical of the benefits offered and may want only to take a few. We respect this. Countrywide believes that a client knows best about the workforce. We allow for organizations to choose what benefits will be in their respective group legal plan. We will offer suggestions, but the final decision of the client is always respected. What is requested will be part of the final plan document. Countrywide backs up the plan with exceptional service. The Countrywide plan member is given priority, and no one will have to wait for what is needed.


It is not always easy to think of the possibility. However, people must understand that a medical limbo awaits if there is no instruction provided. Hospitals appreciate having medical powers of attorney present. It means that the decision-making is placed in the hands of others and not the doctor. Medical powers of attorney permit a family to get on with living when there is no hope of revival. Countrywide offers other pre-paid legal services to client organizations. We have done this since 1987, and we work with groups of all sizes. We encourage decision-makers to contact us about our benefit options. These services help