Defending Against Cyber Piracy Keeping the Internet Thieves at Bay

stockfresh_3962479_identity-theft-revealed-in-computer-code-through-a-magnifying-gl_sizeS-273x300Identity theft is a fact of life in our society. Firewalls have been breached and security systems compromised in all industries, especially finance and retail. Periodically changing passwords and upgrading the security helps, but cyber theft continues. The pandemic has added a new wrinkle to the emergency.  


More employees are working from home. Corporate security systems are more advanced than the home variety, and while doing business, a remote worker may accidentally let in a virus that can harm the computer. The results are devastating.


An employee’s confidential and financial data might be compromised. Bank accounts could be wiped out through bogus electronic transfers. Credit card accounts might be maxed out or new ones created and plundered. Hard-working employees should be protected from these assaults. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has credit monitoring and identity theft benefits in addition to group legal plans.


Protecting the Unsuspecting


Our credit monitoring takes advantage of three superior credit bureaus. They notify a plan member immediately if there is a sudden, large increase in a credit card balance. That alert is critical. Many cyber-theft victims do not know the extent of the damage until they receive the monthly balance statement. The victim can take immediate action once that person is notified a cyber robbery of personal accounts took place.


Repairing the Damage


The consequence of cyber theft can be substantial. The victim’s credit rating is violated in addition to money stolen. Fixing things can take weeks or even months. Countrywide Pre-paid Legal Services is well known for offering comprehensive group legal plan benefits. We do the same with our identity theft services.


We offer four different plans Diamond, Platinum Plus, Premier Plus, and Silver Plus. Each has several standard services such as Dark Web & Internet Monitoring and ID Theft Insurance. Some will carry additional services such as Family Protection and Criminal Records Monitoring. Each option is a comprehensive protection program to help a plan member protect personal information. The client can decide which plan is best suited for the workforce.



The Employer Selects


We ask an organization that is considering a group legal plan to choose what pre-paid legal services will be part of their plan. We ask the same of those employers who are looking at our credit monitoring and identity theft benefits.


The selection process permits employers to choose an option that gives the protection warranted by the business. An organization dealing with intellectual property or retail trade might require more excellent protection for employees than usual. The Countrywide options permit a client to pick the best protection for a given need. Countrywide provides the administration and member services. Both are essential, particularly the member services.


We know from our group legal plan experience the importance of empathy. Any victim of identity theft is nervous and does not know what to do. Our staff gives the same high-quality attention we give when providing pre-paid legal services. Countrywide listens to the concerns of the plan member, and we will not lecture anyone. We seek to solve problems and help all plan members. A person can expect quick action on our part and a sympathetic ear. Together, Countrywide and the plan member end an emergency caused by an Internet intrusion.


There is always going to be a need for protection from identity theft. Remote workers need to feel secure in their home setting, and our services will guard against an unexpected intrusion. If you have questions about our credit monitoring and identity theft service or about our group legal plan benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us. Countrywide is here to provide the assistance people need to protect themselves in our high-tech society.