Give Your Employees What They Can Use They Will Appreciate the Effort

stockfresh_3266726_benefits-concept_sizeS_39f284-300x200Changes in the workplace were going on before the pandemic. A greater concern for employees and the need for emotional intelligence are becoming more essential as organizations adapt to a new normal. It is all for the better, but changes must have value to be accepted.

Additional benefits are standard ways to improve employee morale. The best ones will increase retention, encourage greater loyalty, and foster productivity. Management must decide what the employees want and need to get the desired full value from any employee benefit. Group legal plans do both.

Granting Employee Wishes. 

It is safe to say most employees will need legal assistance at one time or another. Financial planners recommend simple wills, and living wills tell healthcare providers how to treat an unresponsive patient. Folks might have warranty problems or need advice on consumer protection. Obtaining a legal review of documents before signing them is a smart idea.

A group legal plan will provide the above services, but that is not enough. An effective plan must have support services and good administration. Empathy is just as important as legal expertise. And the lawyer will need strong communication skills. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit that fits the bill.

Giving Full Value

Countrywide’s group legal plan is a comprehensive benefit all plan members can use. We have a nationwide network of attorneys who will assist people with common legal issues.

Excellent secondary pre-paid legal services support our benefit options. A plan member has the right to make as many telephone calls as needed to a Countrywide lawyer on a given matter. The member is not billed for those contacts. Countrywide lawyers can make telephone calls and write letters on legal stationery for a plan member. These services are valuable for information gathering.

Safety is a critical issue these days. Our attorneys are sensitive about the need to protect people. Any meeting with a Countrywide lawyer has social distancing in place. A person will feel secure.

Empathy will matter. We have provided benefits since 1987 to all sorts of organizations. We understand that even basic legal matters are not easy for people to discuss. Countrywide attorneys are great listeners. They encourage people to talk, and our lawyers will not offer solutions until they have heard the full story. Every plan member is given respect and courtesy, regardless of that individual’s job title.

Employers Will Be Involved

We want management to help us design the group legal plan. We want only those pre-paid legal services folks will use to be included in the plan. We discuss all our benefit options with a prospective client and permit the organization to choose what will be offered to the workforce. We, in turn, administer the plan and make sure that services are delivered promptly. Our attention to superior member services has received favorable comments from our current clients and has made us an industry leader.

We are immensely proud of our ability to satisfy the need for legal services. Many plan members only want answers to questions and knowledgeable advice. Our lawyers will give these. The Countrywide legal expert expertly handles important legal matters such as drafting wills. The direction this professional provides will result in a better-crafted document. Employees like the chance to talk with an attorney without having to pay enormous fees. Countrywide offers services that are affordable because these are part of a group legal plan. Those same people exhibit a greater appreciation for an organization that allows them to use this benefit.

If you have any questions about our pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to show you how Countrywide can give meaningful service to your hardworking employees.