Don’t Let The Medical Bills Scare You Countrywide Helps Manage Money

stockfresh_5525954-300x200There is a rite of passage for many young employees: getting off their parent’s health plan. Those young people now have employer-based health coverage and taking responsibility for personal well-being is a significant step forward into the adult world. It can also be a headache.

Welcome to the EOB

The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is the medical world’s version of sticker shock. This document gives a detailed explanation of medical expenses for a given treatment. THIS IS NOT A BILL (Every EOB contains that phrase). The EOB, however, is a surprise for anyone who never received one before.

An EOB is only one of the new challenges. Generation Z employees don’t know how to manage their medical bills because they never had to do that before. High deductibles and co-payments are dark clouds that might rain on their financial wellness. Employers can help if the organization has a benefit that offers meaningful assistance. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a plan that eases a worried mind.

Financial Wellness Professionals

Countrywide is not a big fan of FAQ pages on a website. We believe that talking to a real person is a better solution for real problems we use a nationwide network of certified counselors to help plan members.

Our counselors are concerned with common financial wellness issues that people must confront. A plan member’s safety is guaranteed because our counselors follow social distancing protocols. There is a Countrywide counselor in the community of all Countrywide client organizations. It is simple to arrange a meeting with a counselor because Countrywide plan members have priority status.

Building from the Ground Up

The first step in dealing with medical bills is to put the financial house in order. A Countrywide counselor will do a budget analysis for the financial wellness plan member; the analysis tells where the money is coming from and where it is going. Poor allocation of funds is often the biggest problem for a young employee. Our counselor uses the budget analysis to find better ways to spend money more prudently. Readjusting the finances releases money that will be used for healthcare.

The Countrywide professional routinely deals with hospitals and healthcare facilities. The counselor can explain when is the right time to send payments on the debt(only after the insurance company paid its share). Most healthcare facilities are willing to negotiate a reasonable payment plan. There is no reason to pay off a large medical bill in one check.


You Can Rely on Empathy

Young employees want to be treated like adults and lectures are the wrong way of providing help. Our counselors know that, and they do not preach sermons to anyone. Our counselors will take information supplied and provide reasonable solutions based on professional experience. Respect and courtesy are expected from all of our counselors; regardless of the plan member’s age or job title, anyone rude to a plan member will not work for us much longer.

It Is up to the Client

Countrywide wants to provide a benefit every person in an organization can use. We want to make sure that plan members value all the benefit options. We ask the clients to help us achieve that goal.

The client organization will determine what benefit options are part of their financial wellness plan. Countrywide explains all of its possibilities without trying to push one over another benefit. The client will select those financial wellness benefits which will be a part of their plan. We provide the service and the administration. We are proud to say that we are leaders in the industry in both member service and benefits administration.

Medical bills do not have to frighten anyone. There are logical ways to pay off the debt and Countrywide counselors will explain how it is done. We would welcome the chance to explain ourselves to you. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience if you’re interested in Countrywide. We would like to answer your questions.