Government Help is Possible Countrywide Will Clear a Path

stockfresh_7255035_consumer-protection_sizeS-300x150We want to think that everyone is honest and ethical. It is sad, but that is not always the case. Some are quite willing to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

Warranties might not be honored and purchased products can have serious flaws. Landlords might be using outdated rental leases or even documents that are not valid (e.g., using a New Jersey rental lease for an apartment in New York). It is not always surprising that unscrupulous people get away with these frauds.

Confusion Leads to Resignation

Consumers who fall victim to fraud are angry but are not sure of what to do. Government agencies are meant to serve the public, but which office is the right one to approach. Public employees follow specific regulations that insist additional documents or evidence be furnished. Applications that are required might not be written in understandable language. Those applications might have strict deadlines, and the paperwork might be denied if it is late, forcing a person to start over.

People get frustrated when things do not go smoothly. They give up and the offending party gets away with mischief. Group legal plans should provide services that remove any bureaucratic roadblocks. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a group legal plan benefit to help plan members work with public agencies.

Educating Members About Government Agencies

Ignorance is the primary source of frustration. We have skilled professionals who are excellent teachers. These experts are part of the nationwide network of practicing attorneys. A Countrywide lawyer is located in every community of a Countrywide client and they are easy to contact.

Making It All Clear

Countrywide attorneys work with government bureaucracies. They will educate a group legal plan member about how to file a complaint, which agency handles consumer protection and fraud, and the significance of deadlines. Our lawyers have high levels of emotional intelligence. They can empathize with the frustrations of a group legal plan; lawyers can do several pre-paid legal services to move things along.

Our lawyers can write letters on legal stationery and make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member. The communications help gather information. They also let the other side of the dispute know that an attorney is involved. It is incredible how quickly matters are resolved when a countrywide attorney is involved.

We Offer a Comprehensive Group Legal Plan

Countrywide has several pre-paid legal services options. We do more than just handle consumer protection. Indeed, we will review documents, draft wills, and help plan members deal with everyday problems. It is the client who decides just how much service countrywide will give to the plan members.

We have no idea what a client’s employees need. The management has a better understanding of their employees’ needs. They are the ones who make decisions on what will be in the plan document. We will discuss with a client all of our benefits. We answer any questions and explain how Countrywide will help employees. We wish to make it clear that whatever the client wants in the plan will be there. Countrywide sees to it that pre-paid legal services are quickly delivered with our streamlined administration. We do not want anyone to have to wait for the help that they need. Everyone gets the best service, regardless of job title.

Public bureaucracies sometimes look like a forest of rules, but the agencies do not have to be swamps. Countrywide helps employees work with the government and get the services they need. We are justifiably proud of our attorneys and the work they do for a client’s workforce. If you have any questions about Countrywide and its benefits, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We can be a valuable resource for your hard-working employees.