Home Sweet Home We Help Make Dreams Come True

stockfresh_1676251_happy-young-family-in-front-of-sold-real-estate-sign_sizeS-300x200Employees appreciate benefits that have obvious value. The assistance an employer gives, which helps with a challenge or improves a person’s well-being, is what employees enjoy. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has one that is more than worth the cost.

House Buying Weather

Spring is a time when real estate agents are frantically busy. Folks have been saving their money and want to spend the cash surplus on a house. It is no surprise many springtime shoppers are first-time buyers. Being a homeowner is a great life goal. Getting a home might be a significant hassle.

It Affects Financial Wellness

Real estate is big business, and a house is costly. It is safe to say that buying property is the largest lifetime purchase for many people Buying can be exciting and sobering all at once.

Financing a home can cause considerable adjustments. There can be a large mortgage bill that is due every month. That cost can be a personal budget item for up to 30 years. The final price of the house is affected by the negotiations involved. An individual who is ignorant about real estate may end up paying more than necessary. A home purchase will impact the financial wellness of the buyer.

A Valuable Learning Experience

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a financial wellness plan that helps home buyers. It is a self-study educational program, “Make Your Move,” that informs a novice about real estate and how to be a smart shopper.

A plan member becomes familiar with a wealth of information in the self-study. There are essential tips that not everyone knows about.

  1. The value of a real estate agent

You might save on fees by not using an agent but lose it all by forgetting a utility budget whose balance you, as the buyer, might be forced to pay. A real estate agent actively looks for any hidden costs and negotiates a deal that saves the buyer thousands.

  1. Financing Options

There is the traditional 30-year mortgage, but there are other options that might be more affordable. The significance of a down payment and its effect on a mortgage is discussed in detail.

  1. House Inspections

FHA and VA loans require inspection, and these examinations might help with a conventional bank loan. The self-study program tells why.

Using the Financial Wellness Options

Countrywide provides a benefit that has other services. We make use of a nationwide network of certified counselors who share their expertise with a plan member.

The counselor will do a budget analysis to determine how adjustments to a person’s budget can afford a monthly mortgage bill. Down payments require considerable amounts of cash upfront. A Countrywide asset inventory can uncover what can be sold to generate enough money for a reasonable down payment.

The Client Will Assist

A Countrywide financial wellness plan is only as good as its design. We need the input of the client to create a program that provides excellent service. Countrywide will explain all the benefit options and then ask the client to be part of the plan. Those client selections will become part of the program. We will provide streamlined administration and superior member services. Every plan member is given the same level of courtesy and respect from our counselors, and social distancing is followed in all face-to-face meetings. The result of client and Countrywide working as a team is an employee benefit all employees can use and appreciate.

Buying a home is not out of the question for one of our financial wellness plan members. Countrywide provides the information and service to help an employee realize the personal dream of owning a home. We offer a lot more to help with every day financial issues. If you have any questions about Countrywide, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to talk about what we offer your workforce.