Tell Them What You Want A Living Will Permits You

o-POWER-OF-ATTORNEY-facebook-300x200Nobody likes to think of it, but devastating accidents can happen. These will come unannounced and wreak havoc on the unprepared. The medical emergency might leave the victim unresponsive.


Wishes Ignored


It is not true that everyone wants the same medical treatment. Patients who embrace different lifestyles might not want to be given certain medications. Religious backgrounds can persuade someone else that they must follow specific rules for health care. The desires of the patient, unfortunately, might be ignored. Healthcare providers are ethically charged to keep a patient alive. These caregivers will follow standard procedures unless they are told otherwise. Someone who is in a coma cannot communicate treatment requirements. A living will make decisions more straightforward, but not all group legal plans provide them. Countrywide Pre-paid Legal Services writes living wills as a group legal plan service.


We Are Member Oriented


Countrywide takes a strict, professional stand on member services. We have a nationwide network of lawyers who will deliver the pre-paid legal services. These barristers have extensive legal experience, and they will give priority status to a Countrywide legal plan member.


Regardless of their health, people do not want to be exposed to COVID-19. Our attorneys respect that concern. Each follows social distancing protocols and will go the extra mile to keep plan members safe.


Drafting a Living Will


It is not the same as a regular will. The living will leaves instructions about what is to be done if the plan member is unresponsive. Doctors are told of any treatment restrictions and whether life support systems are to be turned off. A Countrywide lawyer knows what language must be in the document.


Medical powers of attorney are included as a pre-paid legal services benefit. The document authorizes a person who the plan member chooses to make decisions regarding healthcare. This takes a tremendous burden off the family, who are already upset by what has happened to their loved one. Medical staff appreciate medical powers of attorney as well since there is somebody to tell them precisely what to do.


Our attorney will work with the plan member to compose the living will. The lawyer is willing to answer any questions and explain what needs to be in the paperwork. It is not easy for anyone to consider a living will. It is because terrible emergencies are not what people like to think about. Our attorneys understand that.


Patience and empathy are two qualities of every Countrywide attorney. We insist that all group legal plan members be treated with courtesy and respect. No question from a member is considered stupid or frivolous. If a plan member has problems after a meeting with the attorney, we permit an unlimited number of telephone calls to that legal professional on a given situation. That way, an individual is encouraged to learn about the process.


The Employer Helps Us


Countrywide wants every employee of a client to be able to benefit from our pre-paid legal services. We are not familiar with the demographics of a given client, and we need management assistance.


We explain all our benefit options to a prospective client and answer any questions about the services. We ask the decision-makers to determine what benefits will be part of their specific plan. Whatever they choose will be in the final group legal plan document. We will provide the administration and the member services. Countrywide streamlines everything so that people get what they need as fast as possible. Everyone receives the same high-quality member services, regardless of job title.


A living will remove a lot of stress from family and healthcare providers. It guarantees that health care professionals will provide the medical care an unresponsive group legal plan member wants. If you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will gladly answer all your questions.