Budget For Better Days Be Prepared for the Future

stockfresh_4170119_what-is-next-black-marker_sizeM-300x200Nothing lasts forever, and that includes hard times. We all have endured quarantines and other sacrifices for over a year. Now we have the vaccines and COVID-19 figures are going down. It is time to plan for the financial future.

Readjusting Almost Everything

The stimulus checks helped, but these economic boosts to the wallet are history. People must now rely on their own resources to pay the bills. Those expenses, by the way, may come as a shock. Eviction prohibitions are going to be lifted and tenants must pay back rent. The school loan holidays are not going to be around, and Congress might not pass debt forgiveness. Everyone is facing a significant adjustment.

The new order of things might not be too grim. People can make some changes to their budgets without getting burned. It would be great if an employee receives help from a professional financial expert. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a benefit that everyone will like.

The Basics

Folks want to talk to a person and develop a working rapport. Chat rooms are not enough. Countrywide works with a nationwide network of certified counselors giving financial wellness services that deal with everyday money problems. Our counselors place Countrywide plan members at the top of the list. No one waits too long for help because there is a financial wellness counselor in the community of every Countrywide client organization.

Budget Modifications

An excellent service involves redoing the personal budget. Many changes made to meet pandemic restrictions were helpful. Shopping online and deliver services freed up personal time for other things. These are habits from the quarantine that may be worth keeping.

Our financial wellness experts will do a budget analysis to help a plan member decide what new spending habits are cost-effective. The counselor can also recommend saving strategies to help prepare for later expenses.

Back rent could cause a major problem, but we can help. An asset inventory lets a financial wellness plan member know what can be sold to pay off an outstanding debt balance. Our counselors are also proficient in finding ways to reduce the debt through negotiation or special programs. They assist plan members in finding ways to reduce anxiety over finances.




Employer to the Financial Wellness Rescue

Countrywide wants to create a working relationship with all our clients. We appreciate the insights that management provides us. Increasing communication between Countrywide and clients, we ask their leadership to decide what benefits will be part of their group plan.

What we will do is explain all our benefit options to the decision-makers. We answer all questions thoroughly, and we show how the options will be valuable to employees. The decision-makers then make the selections which services will be in their plan. We will provide streamlined administration and superior member services.

The Significance of Empathy

Employees are glad that the quarantine days are just about over, but they remain a bit nervous about the future. There remain debts to be paid and deadlines must be met. The average person does not quite know what to do, but we can help.

Our counselors are selected on their people skills. We expect these professionals to listen to the average plan member and make suggestions that provide meaningful assistance. The counselors will suggest the best alternatives and reasonable solutions. No question is considered ignorant.

The end of the quarantines and the new normal that is surfacing can be sources of optimism. Employees who have a financial wellness plan can make the necessary revisions to meet the future with confidence. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are ready to assist your hard-working staff.