Look Out for Your Seniors Loyalty and Good Service Matters

stockfresh_8381213_senior-couple-smiling_sizeS-300x179They are the old war horses of the organization. Employees who are in their fifties or older, and who have been reliable and productive for years, deserve respect and a little bit more. These veterans of countless staff meetings require some help with legal issues.

Guarding the Estate

Older employees  are not suing people or going before the bench for other reasons. They are having some issues dealing with all the paperwork that comes with advancing age.

Many worry about what they will leave behind. Dying without a will tosses an estate into probate court. Everything will go slower than cold molasses and it may be months or years before everything gets settled. Beneficiaries are forced to wait but drafting a simple will can speed things up.

There is more than one type of will. Living wills tell healthcare providers what to do when a patient is unresponsive. Treatments a person does not want will not be provided and, if the patient wishes, life-support systems can be shut off. An older employee appreciates being able to remove the burden of tough decisions from their loved ones and that is a feature of the living will.

Older people can be the victims of warranty fraud. They also have trouble understanding legal documents. A benefit that permits review of important papers is worthwhile. Consumer scams focus on the elderly. Seniors in the workforce are grateful for any help in filing a consumer complaint. Group legal plans can offer any of these benefits. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a group legal plan that is sensitive to the needs of the elderly.

Being Safety Conscious

Countrywide has a nationwide network of experienced lawyers. These legal professionals handle common problems and develop expert solutions. A group legal plan member does not have to wait long for any pre-paid legal services. Our plan members get priority attention.

COVID-19 impacts older people, and they are right to worry. Our lawyers have created safety protocols to protect personal conferences from the virus. The lawyers can provide pre-paid legal services from a distance if the plan member wants that.


Giving Seniors Empathy

Older employees have a hard time keeping up with all the changes. The easily get confused. Our attorneys respect age. They prove that every time they deal with the senior plan member. A Countrywide attorney will listen carefully to a plan members problem and not rush things. Any confusion about legal language is commonly cleared up.

We Look for Input

Organizations want to give benefits to employees that make the difference. There must be value or services are worthless. We agree with that philosophy. Countrywide has a mission help others. We ask the input of decision-makers of an organization.

The process is straightforward. We show all our pre-paid legal services options to a prospective client. What we will do is explain each one, demonstrate the benefit an employee, and answer any questions. The management of a prospective client are then asked to select what will be part of their group legal plan.

Those managers know more about what their employees need than we do. The choices made will be part of the group legal plan document. We supply streamlined administration and superior member services. We are committed to a working relationship with our clients and we will stay in contact with them throughout the year. It allows us to remain sensitive to of those whom we are proud to serve.

Senior employees continue to provide quality service to their employers. An organization that recognizes the needs of this cohort will be rewarded by increased productivity and reliable work. If you have any questions about how we can help your staff, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We want to help all your employees and we would appreciate the chance to be of service to you.