Employers Need Living Wills – The Document Can Influence Claims Experience


Organizations should pay close attention to living wills and powers of attorney. These are standard pre-paid legal services offered by group legal plans and both documents are important to any employer. Each can influence the claims experience of the group health plan.

The Basic Details

Living wills center on catastrophic and major medical care. An employee might be rendered unconscious. The victim’s wishes for medical care such as whether to use life support might not be not known. A living will spells out what is to be done in the event a person is unable to communicate. Medical powers of attorney assign decision-making responsibility. The person holding the authority will make decisions based on the victim’s express wishes and make final decisions about life support systems.

The Importance

Healthcare providers may not arbitrarily turn off life support or end treatment. A victim of a massive cardiac seizure might be on life support for months before dying. The claims experience continues to increase as the insurance policies are billed by the care providers and the employees group healthcare plan must absorb sizable costs.

Employers must find ways to keep health plan costs down and a group legal plan can help. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has an option for living wills and medical powers of attorney. These can help curb claims experience.

Experienced Attorneys Draft Living Wills

Countrywide administration uses a nationwide network of highly competent attorneys who will provide the pre-paid legal services. Appointments are simple to arrange, and the lawyer will work with the group legal plan member. Suggestions will come from the lawyer and this legal professional will answer all questions. Countrywide adds additional service. A plan member may make as many calls as necessary to our attorney on a given situation. The plan member will not be billed for the additional calls. If more information is needed from another source, the Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls or write letters on legal stationary for the plan member. These considerations can make a very stressful procedure less of a burden.

Anything dealing with personal incapacity is stressful. A plan member does not want to think of being in a coma, but a living will forces that person to consider it. A lawyer must have empathy and good communication skills to help a plan member.

Countrywide delivers service with courtesy and patience. Emotional intelligence is essential. The Countrywide lawyer is recruited based on legal expertise but that is not all. We want these legal professionals to understand our group legal plan members and guide them gently. Abrasive behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Any lawyer who is abrupt or abusive will be asked to leave our network.

Employers Selection

Organizations want benefits that fit employee needs. Countrywide works with all kinds of employers and we want to give benefits the whole workforce may use. Choice is the way Countrywide assures all employees can take advantage of our pre-paid legal services.

Decision-makers might pick simple will drafting for legal documents review while passing on other services. We don’t mind because we serve the client. We put selected benefits into action with a proactive service administration. Countrywide plan members get priority treatment from network lawyers and no one waits long for service.

Family members appreciate living wills and medical powers of attorney. It is hard to see a loved one on life support, knowing the individual will not regain consciousness. The living will brings closure to a sad episode. The plan member’s wishes are respected, and people can get to move on with their lives. This is the kind of help that employees would like to have from their organization.

If you have any questions about Countrywide pre-paid legal services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We want to tell you as much as possible about what we can do for your employees.