Ending Seriously Bad Habits Starting Fresh After the Quarantine

stockfresh_469655_road-to-recovery-words-on-pavement-up-arrow_sizeS-300x300People will make mistakes, and some are harmless and easy to correct. Unfortunately, others are not and can lead to terrible consequences. COVID-19 has generated situations that led to poor decisions that can threaten the well-being of a person.

Changes Made People Desperate

Household incomes went down despite the stimulus checks. Ordinary expenses became challenging to manage as employees struggled to make ends meet. Getting necessary cash forced hard-working folks to take actions they would usually not even think of doing. These included: 


  • Postponing Retirement
  • Taking distributions from their 401(k)
  • Frequently using payday loans
  • Ignoring credit card payments

We cannot emphasize enough how these habits can hurt financial wellness. Bankruptcy and foreclosures are the consequences suffered by making bad choices. Compassionate employers must step forward and help re-create a sense of economic well-being in their employees’ households. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services provides a benefit that generates positive results.

Certified Counselors

We rely on the professionalism of certified counselors. Our nationwide network places a counselor in every community where there’s a Countrywide counselor. Plan members have priority status for counseling sessions that adhere to safety protocols and respect social distancing.

We believe that face-to-face meetings enhance the quality of our services. A professional relationship can develop between the counselor and the financial wellness plan member. That will make it easier for the employee to contact the counselor whenever money issues arise.

A Steady Hand

Countrywide counselors offer advice they gained from years of experience. They understand the frustration people have when trying to restore financial wellness.

Countrywide gives the counselor several tools they can work with. First, the budget analysis is a direct aid. The counselor assesses a plan member’s cash flow for spending and savings patterns. That professional will not hesitate to suggest cost trimmings and ways to save money for future expenses.

People who want to buy a house should never give up that dream. There are ways to afford the mortgage. Our self-study program, Make Your Move,” gives information and tips on how to successfully buy a new house. A significant down payment helps, but not everyone has the money. Countrywide solves the problem. An asset inventory conducted by a Countrywide counselor reveals those things that can quickly be sold to obtain the needed cash.

Employers Are Actively Involved

We have no desire to present a boilerplate plan document to any client. Instead, the financial wellness benefits we provide should be tailored to the needs and wishes of a client’s workforce. We make sure that happens by involving management in the process.

Countrywide will carefully explain all the benefits we can provide and answer all our prospective client questions. We ask the decision-makers to choose what services are going to be in the plan. Those choices are going to be included in the final plan document. Countrywide provides efficient administration and world-class member services that guarantee the plan members get the help they individually need.

Compassion is at the Heart

Everyone needs to be respected, and their issues merit an understanding ear. Therefore, we insist on high levels of emotional intelligence from our counselors. Each financial wellness plan member, regardless of job title, will receive prompt attention and courteous service. We will never lecture a plan member on that person’s past financial behavior. Our mission is to provide needed assistance that solves a problem. Countrywide is proud of all the favorable comments we receive about the sincerity of our counselors. Those money experts will go the distance for a plan member.

If you have any questions about our financial wellness benefits, please feel free to contact us at your earliest. We will gladly explain all the services and answer your questions. We welcome any chance to be of service to you and your employees.