Take Your Time with the Papers Reviewing Legal Documents is Sensible

stockfresh_138092_read-the-fine-print-magnifying-glass_sizeS-300x240We all have a terrible habit of going too fast. Moderns society conditions us to move quickly to get the job done or take advantage of an opportunity. That can seem efficient, but there are situations when immediate steps produce unexpected, negative consequences. Unfortunately, it happens too often with legal documents.

Renters will fall into a speed trap. The pandemic has required people to move to new apartments, and employees right out of college will relocate to that excellent career opportunity. Getting a place to live is essential, and the sooner, the better. Unfortunately, an individual will often sign a lease without bothering to read the papers. That is dangerous.

The lease may contain clauses that rigorously restrict what a person can do in the apartment, and levy harsh penalties on a tenant for infractions. In extreme cases, the lease may infringe on a person’s legal rights. Signing in haste can lead to future problems. The consequences of signing without reading are true with other official papers. Contracts, agreements, and official obligations should be read before they are signed. Group legal plans should have a pre-paid legal services benefit that permits a review of legal documents. Fortunately, Countrywide offers such a service.

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefit that allows for a review of legal documents. Our nationwide network of attorneys stands ready to provide superior service. We have a lawyer in every community where there is a Countrywide client. Group legal plan members have priority status, and arranging a safe face-to-face meeting is no problem.

Looking for the Devil

He hides in the details, and legal documents are full of confusing clauses and unfamiliar language. As a result, a person may not understand half of what is written on the pages. The confusion can create terrible problems.

A landlord could be using a lease from another state. As a result, it may be an invalid document and even worse, might not be compliant with a state’s tenant-landlord laws. The penalties listed in the paper might also conflict with existing statutes.

A Countrywide attorney will review the language carefully. This legal professional knows where problems are usually found, thanks to years of dealing with legal documents. Any issues that surface in the text will immediately be brought to the attention of the group legal plan member.

A problem’s resolution may be as easy as rewriting sections of the document. A Countrywide attorney can make telephone calls and write letters as pre-paid legal services. Communications alone can end many difficulties. If a signed document violates consumer protection laws, a Countrywide attorney could help with a complaint filing depending on the services included in the plan document.

Client Selections Matter

The group legal plan should be able to give needed pre-paid legal services to every employee. We guarantee that possibility by asking a prospective client to choose the options. Decision-makers know what their employees will appreciate, and we explain all our services and answer any questions. The client will then select the services. Countrywide will include those in the plan document and administer the plan for the organization.

An intangible service is empathy. We insist that our attorneys have excellent listening skills as well as legal expertise. A Countrywide lawyer will respect all plan members regardless of job title or position. Our goal is to provide solutions to any problem we receive and do it to satisfy the plan member. Countrywide is proud of the high success rates achieved by our legal experts.

If you have any questions about our group legal plan services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will answer all your questions and explain everything we have to offer. Countrywide welcomes all inquiries, and we hope we can assist you and your employees.