Escaping Credit Card Hell





Banks want you to use credit cards. This is not a statement of conspiracy but a fact. Banks make a sizable profit from interest charged on credit cards. Retail stores feel the same way because they know that using credit cards encourages a person to purchase even more. We get several offers for a credit card every time we go to our mailbox. While there is nothing wrong with using credit cards per se, when it becomes a habit it can endanger financial wellness.

The Debt Grows by Leaps and Bounds

Paying the minimum amount requested doesn’t always help get a person out of a bad situation. Credit cards charge double-digit interest rates, and continued use of the card can negate any progress made. Having multiple credit cards makes it easier for a person to forget to make a payment, incurring a penalty consequently. Many people run into a debt problem well into the five figures. Countrywide Pre—Paid Legal Services is concerned about financial wellness and has a debt management plan to help.

The foundation of our service is a nationwide network of certified counselors. These individuals have a history of helping individuals get out of their sin debt situation. A counselor will do a budget analysis to assist in determining where problem areas are, and make recommendations. A Debt Management Plan costs a bit extra, but it helps develop a strategy by which payments are lowered, and interest possibly waived. An affordable repayment plan can be structured.

Many people are facing bankruptcy because of the credit cards. Countrywide offers additional financial wellness service with the debtor education course. There is also credit counseling which will help. An immediate benefit derived from this professional tension is anxiety reduction. People in credit card debt feel they are on the edge of a bottomless pit. Our help allows them to focus on the problem and develop solutions. People begin to feel less stressed as they understand what can be done.

Employers are Better Able to Assist

There is a distinct drop in productivity when a person is stressed out by external debt. However, employers are not only worried about corporate objectives. Employers genuinely care about the welfare of their employees and want to help if they can. The Countrywide financial wellness program is a means by which the organization can assist. Help with credit card debt is not the only way that Countrywide can lighten the load. Our program is comprehensive, and it includes medical debt assistance, housing education, and student loan counseling. Any of these bring resolutions to real problems.

It is imperative that a benefit provides as much as possible to the workforce. We want employers to be able to develop a plan that provides maximum aid. Countrywide will allow clients to choose what will be part of the overall financial wellness program. Those benefits which will not be used by the staff can be ignored. The final document will contain those services which the client feels is best for the staff. Countrywide provides high-quality administration of all benefits. A financial wellness plan member can expect to be at the front of the line with any counselor. Problems are solved as soon as possible.

Sadly, credit card debt can drive people to take desperate measures. Countrywide does not want that to happen. We have helped organizations since 1987 to provide excellent benefits to their employees. Our program often throws a lifeline to people in desperate financial trouble. We would like the opportunity to explain in greater detail what these benefits can do. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their earliest convenience.