Handling Government Hassles

You can hope and vote for smaller government but do not count on that. The government is very much a part of our lives, and you will be dealing with public agencies at all levels. It sometimes gets very annoying and also very frustrating. There are so many ways government influences your life. A group legal plan with the right benefit options could be a lifesaver.

A Long and Winding Paper Trail

It is the papers and the process which are bewildering. It seems you need a license with a stamp on it for almost everything. It gets worse when you have major transactions such as the sale of the house. The right papers

must be obtained, and there is a procedure in doing all of this. If you make a mistake on the application, you go back to square one. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal services respects the frustration that so many people have with public agencies. We have a group legal plan option that provides help. Plan members can consult with experienced attorneys.

Our Attorneys Provide Useful Insights

Local government can be just as frustrating as the federal level, and we have attorneys in the neighborhood. These are professionals who are chosen for their expertise, and they know how to work through the process. A Countrywide attorney will advise you on how to handle an application and what the deadlines are. They also know the people with whom you’re dealing. Your applications will be submitted to the right people, saving a lot of trouble. You’ll discover almost immediately how the process becomes much easier because a Countrywide attorney is providing the right support.

Advice is just part of the service. A Countrywide attorney can write letters on your behalf and also make telephone calls to the proper public employees. That saves time and a lot of effort. If you have questions about how to get things done with government, you are allowed unlimited telephone calls on a given situation to the attorney. Face-to-face consultations are also part of the package. Countrywide believes that one of the pre-paid legal services ought to be education. You will learn a lot about government when you work with us. You also find out just how valuable pre-paid legal services can be for you. Everything moves smoothly when a legal professional is working alongside you.

Our Benefits Have a Superior Rate of Return

Any pre-paid legal services benefit has to provide a significant return on investment. Employers expect this, and we respect that. We allow clients to choose what benefits are going to be part of their group legal plan. It can be helped with government agencies, drafting simple wills, and interpreting contracts among other possibilities. We even provide benefits that deal with ID theft. Our legal services benefits are intended for use. We encourage plan members to take advantage of our services, and our administration is intentionally streamlined to make things that much easier. Bureaucratic delays are not something you can accuse Countrywide of doing. Everyone gets the help they need as soon as possible.

It is a safe bet to wager you will be dealing with government at some time in the calendar year. You can grumble about it all you like, but you cannot ignore it. Government agencies have certain procedures that they must follow, and you may not be aware of them. Fortunately, a Countrywide attorney knows about the details. If you have a Countrywide group legal plan which offers assistance with public agencies, you will not have to get anxious about dealing with government employees. We have other options that organizations can consider. Each one benefits employees. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their earliest convenience about our services.