Dealing with Medical Finances

stockfresh_299770_broke_sizeSMedical expenses terrify many people. Simple surgeries which may help a person are avoided because of the dread of the cost. With deductibles ranging up to $5000 or more, this anxiety is understandable. The financial wellness of many people hangs on the ability to pay those bills.
Confusion Will Create Panic
Difficulties will arise through lack of understanding. Some think that they have to pay off the entire bill in one payment and that causes considerable stress. Others are afraid that a missed payment can result in a collection agency being summoned. The best course of action is to get good advice. It is not always there.
The inability to get the needed information to make people feel helpless. Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services provides benefits that help. We have a financial wellness program that includes assistance with understanding medical expenses. We have a network of certified counselors across the nation. These people have worked with others in trying to understand medical costs. Simple things such as an EOB become less terrifying once it is understood what they truly are. Folks may not know this but hospitals are willing to work with an individual with the payments.
Our Counselors Provide Necessary Advice
These payments don’t have to be a significant burden. It is essential that the amounts be scheduled correctly. Our certified counselors will suggest some ideas on how to manage the medical debt. Options such as scheduling surgery or treatments with the deductible in mind could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
A challenge confronting an individual may be his or her current financial status. It is possible that credit card debt or other obligations make it difficult to pay for medical care. The Countrywide financial wellness counselor will do a budget analysis but goes one step further. A Debt Management Plan can be developed which will reduce other costs so that the medical bill can be paid. There is a fee for this, but it makes sense to develop such a plan if circumstances require it. The problem of dealing with debt creates a lot of questions. Financial wellness plan members should know that phone calls to further clarify what will be done are accepted by our counselors. We want to reduce the fear and concern about medical expenses so many of these individuals experience.
Human Resources Will Appreciate This Benefit
Human resources directors want employees to use the health insurance effectively. Our certified counselors can show employees how to use those parts of the insurance plan that are low-cost but provide significant benefit. Co-pays are something our counselors go over, so human resources is not deluged with calls about it. Human resources professionals also want to have benefits that fit the needs of the organization’s workforce. Countrywide has a lot of options, but there is no reason to have all of them in the final plan. We believe in letting the client design a financial wellness program that is best suited for the company workforce. Some options may be necessary, and others are not so essential. Our intent is to develop with the client a plan that will be used.
Medical bills become more part of the personal budget as someone grows older. These expenses can be managed, and there is no need to worry when the statement arrives. Having some assistance in structuring a way of dealing with the cost is an excellent benefit with significant value. Employees appreciate this kind of consideration showed by the organization. Countrywide has a reputation of superior administration. Nobody is required to wait extended periods of time for assistance. Our counselors have excellent people skills and work well with any plan member. We welcome the opportunity to explain further all we have that employees can use. We encourage human resources directors and other decision-makers to get in touch with us about the Countrywide financial wellness plan.