Everyone Needs Consumer Protection

Consumer protection concept.Shoddy merchandise is unacceptable

E-commerce opens up a lot of opportunities for buyers. You can easily purchase something for sale that is 100 miles away from your house. The downside is that you may never meet the merchant from whom you purchased the product. You may discover upon receiving the item that it is defective. This is a tough situation because you cannot drive down to the store and confront the salespeople. Consumer protection in the Internet economy is important and there has to be a way to defend oneself against poor merchandise. A group legal plan should have an option to offer assistance in consumer protection matters.

Caveat Emptor Doesn’t Mean Giving up Rights

Let the buyer beware is a traditional warning in the marketplace. That does not permit any business to sell defective products. Some will try to get away with it thinking that the buyer will not do much to recover the money. Consumer protection does help a person and filing a complaint can result in restitution. Group legal services has to include an attorney who is familiar with consumer protection rules and regulations. This legal professional has to be able to guide the group legal plan member through the paperwork necessary. It is something that an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can do without too much problem. A properly filed consumer protection complaint can result in action to the benefit of the buyer. Assistance with these matters is a benefit that any employee would appreciate.

Service Should Be More than Just Processing Paperwork

A group legal services vendor who only allows for processing complaint forms isn’t giving good service. There has to be more to what is offered. The group legal plan should allow for an attorney to write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. Such communication can let the merchant know that the defective product has not gone unnoticed. It has to be understood that a consumer protection complaint can be detrimental to a store’s reputation and business. Sometimes a suggestion of a formal complaint can convince a store owner to reimburse the buyer. It can be as simple as that. If a plan member has questions about the process, the attorney should be available either by telephone or face-to-face. Specific questions about a given situation ought to be allowed. A substandard group legal plan will not offer to go the extra mile. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will always go one step beyond to help our plan members.

Countrywide Gives the Very Best

We feel there is no reason for anyone to have to accept defective goods. If there is a clear case of a consumer being wronged, our attorneys move quickly into action. Consumer protection case is not something that is put at the bottom of the pile of cases. Any Countrywide group legal services member can expect to have his or her situation addressed immediately. If correspondence or telephone calls are needed, then the attorney assigned will do either. We expect those who work with us to have excellent personal skills and to treat each plan member with respect. The administration of our group legal services is designed intentionally to provide efficient and quick response. Clients have always commented on how we are able to take any problem and resolve it completely. This is all part of the service we offer.

No consumer should be cheated by a lazy or dishonest store owner. Countrywide is there to help any plan member with a consumer protection situation. We have other options available that an organization may consider. Countrywide has worked with all kinds of groups since 1987 and we can develop a plan document expressly for the client.

Please do feel free to contact us and find out how we can best serve you.