Three Ways Bureaucracy Drives You Crazy

Government sometimes is in its own worldStressed

Many citizens would rather have a root canal without Novocain then have to deal with a public agency. It sometimes seems that a government bureaucracy is created just to make life aggravating. That really isn’t true but it sometimes seems that way. A group legal plan tries to help members deal with the nuances of government and a good plan is successful. For most people there are three ways that dealing with government sends them right up the wall.

  1. Rules Change without Much Warning

If you are looking at agency guidelines in August, then you shouldn’t be surprised if they are different this time of the year. The rules and regulations of a number of public agencies change with the New Year. While it is true that nobody told you, they do not have to contact you directly. Public notices of changes are posted; you have a responsibility to read them. Consequently, you could be in for a real surprise when you seek to apply for needed service. What you thought were the rules have been radically changed.


  1. Government Seems to Work in a Different Time Zone

The phrase “all judicious speed” must have been first coined by a government clerk. It seems that time stands still and nobody is in a rush to get things done. What slows things down is the process itself. Government employees are concerned about fraud or misrepresentation. There are pieces of evidence that will be required which you have to supply. Incidentally, your application is not the only one received. In fact, your request may be processed in the order in which it was received. There may be 10 or more applications in front of yours. That slows things down.


  1. Public Employees Don’t Seem to Care

Yes, they do care about private citizens but they also have to adhere to the rules of the agency. One benefit of group legal services is interpretation of those regulations which govern agency services. Knowing more about the process helps a person understand why public employees behave the way they do. None of them are trying to be a pain in the neck; they have to follow specific guidelines. This is why a group legal plan that provides for direct attorney assistance is appreciated. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers that.

Knowledgeable Is Part of Our Group Legal Services


Attorneys in our group legal plan benefits understand government bureaucracy. They are well aware of what can be done to move the paperwork along. Many times a lack of understanding causes people to get bogged down in red tape. A Countrywide attorney will help a person fill out the proper applications correctly. He or she also knows which office within an agency is supposed to receive the paperwork. That way, information is not sent to the wrong people and the process is made that much faster.

Our group legal services include correspondence and telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. A Countrywide attorney can call for an individual and check on the status of things. It often happens that a simple reminder move things along. A Countrywide group legal plan member can be assured that the attorney will do the very best when it comes to agency assistance. It is possible to get the waiting time substantially reduced with the right services being received.

Countrywide understands the frustration people have when it comes to dealing with public agencies. These can be the result of unintended mistakes and our attorneys make sure those errors do not happen. We have designed group legal services benefits for all kinds of organizations for more than 27 years. We can help our clients get the public agency support that is needed. We also have other benefit options that a client may want to consider.

By contacting us we can tell you more about what we have to make dealing with bureaucracies more manageable.