Excellent Communication is Critical

Countrywide Lawyers have Superior Communication Skills 



Communication is a cornerstone of every Countrywide group legal plan. We understand how essential it is for effective pre-paid legal services. Many people are understandably confused about legal issues. They do not deal with them daily. When they face an issue such as a warranty problem or the need to draft a will, anxiety goes right up through the roof. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help

A Complete Service Package

The assistance we provide is more than just a web page. We want our group legal plan members to be able to talk to an attorney directly. Our nationwide network of lawyers allows for face-to-face conferences to be easily arranged. We also permit unlimited telephone calls to a lawyer on any given situation. It may appear to be a small consideration, but these phone calls help answer questions which may arise after the conference. Such attention allows channels to be open in communication to flow back and forth.

Our attorneys also can communicate on behalf of a plan member. Our pre-paid legal services include letters written by the attorney and telephone calls made by them. Such communication services are means of reaching out to other parties and solving problems before they get larger. Our lawyers are well-versed in the law and can speak knowledgeably to anyone.

The ability to talk with, and on behalf of all, the client means that the Countrywide lawyer must have superior communication skills and listening skills are critical. The attorney must be able to calm an anxious person and listen to the problem. Contact with other parties means diplomacy. A group legal plan member knows the lawyer will be considerate and seek to solve problems.

We Work with Decision Makers

Good communication is essential in providing service and in direct client relations. Since 1987, we have worked with organizations of all sizes to provide group legal plan benefits the plan. We respect the fact that a client knows more about it workforce than we do. It is the primary reason why we let the client choose what pre-paid legal services will be in the plan. The benefits are intended to help solve the everyday legal problems, but some may not be what are necessary. The prospective client chooses those options which are a good fit for the workforce.

Countrywide prepares the documentation for the plan and then sets everything in the motion. We have an administration which is streamlined to allow for faster service to plan members. Countrywide attorneys understand those plan participants receive priority when it comes to getting help. Everyone who is a part of the plan is given the same level of attention and courtesy. Employees appreciate this and have a deep respect for their employers because of it.

Our Attorneys Have Superior People Skills

We could be like other vendors and simply have a website or a dedicated telephone line with recorded answers. It would be convenient for us, but it does not provide a high level of service. It is always better to permit the personal touch to be a part of the package. Countrywide actively recruits attorneys legal experience and knowledge, but also for empathy and personal skills. Our attorneys must demonstrate they can be sympathetic before they can be a part of our network. We do not settle for anything less.

Our options range from drafting simple wills to helping people prepare cases for small claims court. They are the kind of legal benefits which makes life a lot easier and resolves any number of problems that suddenly surface. We want to be able to explain in greater depth what we have to offer, and how the Countrywide plan is a tremendous benefit. We encourage decision-makers to contact us at their convenience to find out more about Countrywide.