Financial Wellness Is A Life Lesson. Countrywide Is A Good Teacher


Learning is not always easy. Too many people are forced to learn life’s lessons the hard way. It is especially true when it comes to financial wellness.

There is a new generation of employees, the Z Generation, coming out of colleges and universities and ready to work. They have great technical skills but are naïve about finances. Those new employees are not used to simple budgeting or domestic finances. They will make bad decisions, like relying on credit cards too much.

They Could Use Some Financial Wellness Education

They need some education and Countrywide Pre-paid Legal Services will furnish it. We have a network of certified counselors who are well versed in personal finances. These professionals will teach a good lesson and not deliver a sour sermon.

College debt is a big concern for new graduates. Countrywide counselors can explain all the payment options. The counselors will help young employees develop a realistic budget to meet ordinary expenses, and plan for future purchases. Other employees will also benefit from our services.

Older employees might want to buy a house or pay medical bills. Our financial wellness program offers guidance to meet those personal goals. An employee in financial trouble might consider our Debt Management Plan. This will cost a bit more but is better than the bankruptcy alternative.

We Can Assist in Financial Planning

Financial planning begins with basic information. All decisions rely on knowing which assets someone has at that time. Countrywide can help a plan member know his or her full value Our counselors will use an asset inventory audit. Stocks, bank accounts, and life insurance policies are a few of the assets they identify. A plan member often does not know the extent of the assets and discover assets that were ignored or taken for granted.

The learning experience in our financial wellness plan need not only be centered around one subject. Our options have a certain progression. A plan member can start out with a budget analysis and help with existing debt. They can then use an asset inventory to determine if a large purchase is affordable. If a house purchase is feasible our “Make Your Move” program will discuss the ins and outs of real estate. Problem solutions and planning are positive uses of the Countrywide plan.


We Promote Choice

Employers will appreciate our financial wellness plan. Workers are no longer stressed by economic worry and will focus more on assigned projects. Decision makers will also like how we design individual plans. Choice is a key quality. Countrywide permits clients to select those options which will be part of their plan. This consideration enables organizations to tailor an employee benefit to the needs of their workforce.

We provide the best possible service to put these options in motion. The counselors are professionals with a human touch. They understand new employees are new to the world of adult living but merit respect. Our counselors show both respect and courtesy. No question is worthless, and everyone’s concern gets the full attention it deserves.

Employee satisfaction is a consequence of what we do. People appreciate it when employers offer benefits to help with personal matters. Financial wellness education removes a lot of unneeded worry and stress. Hard working associates want to concentrate on the work at hand and not have to worry about personal finances. Countrywide has the services employees can use to put their domestic financial house in order. What Countrywide gives to any client organization is an employee benefit which will be used and enjoyed by the staff.

You might have a few questions about what we do. We want to answer those inquiries and point out all the advantages of working with us. Please feel free to contact us for more information at your earliest convenience.