Coming Back from The Edge – Bankruptcy Does Not Need to Be A Given


Quite a few people have found themselves in financial trouble since the Great Recession of 2008. They are still trying to recover from the losses and some are deep in a financial hole. Debt brought on by many circumstances will put enormous pressure on individual employees. Their financial wellness is in deep jeopardy.

Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services is aware of the suffering of these folks. They might make drastic decisions, and these might lead to life-altering events. Some are willing to risk credit catastrophe because they do not know their options. We know there is a better way. Countrywide has a financial wellness program that we ask employers to consider. Our services are exactly what a person in dire straits needs to get back on the right course.

Preparing for Bankruptcy and Dealing with Debt

Unfortunately, filing for bankruptcy may be the only way out for some. The law requires those who file for bankruptcy to undergo credit counseling within six months of the filing. Moreover, they need to complete a financial management instructional course. Countrywide provides a debtor education course that meets those requirements. The person is able then to go forward with the bankruptcy filing knowing that they have met the legal obligations.

Bankruptcy is not a given. People can still find how they can escape bankruptcy court and right the course before disaster. It will require a very systematic approach to deal with what they owe.

Our debt management plan is a course in financial discipline. A certified counselor will go over a financial wellness plan member’s finances and use a counseling session to discover where the person may be having problems. The debt management plan Is used to construct a blueprint to enable the employee to achieve financial solvency. The plan itself can convince creditors to do any of the following:

  • Lower or waive interest
  • Lower payments on death
  • Waive any fees
  • Consolidate existing debt into a repayment plan that is affordable

    Showing Consideration to Employees

We assure a plan member that creditors want their money and nothing else. In counseling sessions, a person begins to understand that creditors are willing to work with people if those individuals take a responsible course of action.

The sessions with the counselor are a humbling experience. A person who is very intelligent must come to grips with mistakes he or she has made. It is a little embarrassing, but our counselors understand this. They respect a person’s dignity and will not treat anyone like an irresponsible teenager.

Countrywide insists on good people skills because they know how hard a counseling session can be. Our counselors have empathy. What could be a very hard experience becomes more of an education than a punishment.

Cost Efficient Benefits

Employers care deeply about their subordinates. It is more than just for business reasons. They know the pain that people feel when they cannot control their financial situations. Decision-makers are willing to help, but they also want to be sure that they only offer the right benefits.

Unused benefits are a waste of time and money. Countrywide believes that the best way to guarantee benefits are used is to allow employers to choose the options. We provide the various possibilities and let the executive determine what will be in their financial wellness plan.

Our commitment is to provide the service that makes those choices worthwhile to employees. We streamlined 0ur administration for efficiency and quick delivery of assistance. The customers give Countrywide financial wellness plan members priority over everyone else. It means our members will not have to wait for their financial emergencies to get attention.

We help employees come back from the edge of financial ruin. Countrywide can remove a terrible burden from any individual’s shoulders, giving them a more positive outlook on life and the confidence they need to succeed. We encourage HR directors and decision-makers to contact us. We can explain in greater detail how we can provide what their employees need with our financial wellness benefit.