Financing Debt the Right Way – Countrywide Advice Helps


It is 2019 and everyone wants to start as fresh as the new year. Finances are on everyone’s mind. Employees have various needs and financial wellness concerns. Management can help by providing services that address money management. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services can provide the right help to employees.

A Variety of Assistance

Countrywide has a financial wellness program that is easy to use. We rely on a nationwide network of certified counselors who offer needed support. They have experience in many areas where people face financial problems.

Not everyone understands how to efficiently budget; it is a skill rarely taught. A Countrywide counselor can perform a budget analysis and use it to educate a plan member on money management. If a person wants to know his or her full value, the counselor can do an asset inventory for that individual.

Help with Emergencies

Financial wellness can be threatened. A plan member may confront debt that is overwhelming, and more help is needed than a budget analysis. We have a debt management plan that helps. It costs a bit more than regular services and offers hands-on counseling and assistance. Bankruptcy law requires financial education and counseling. We offer both and our help is compliant with the law.

People are worried about financial wellness issues and may not seek help. They are embarrassed because the mess makes them look like poor money managers. There is no need to be afraid of asking Countrywide for assistance. Our counselors have exceptional people skills. They understand the stress of financial emergencies and look for solutions. Lectures or moralizing chats are not what Countrywide gives. Our plan members will get respect, empathy, and a resolution of their problems from the Countrywide professional.

We Offer Financial Wellness Services

The Countrywide program has a variety of services that can help specific demographics. New college graduates may like to have help with their student loan debt and an older employee may be dealing with the cost of a medical emergency. Still others want assistance in learning how to buy a house. We cover all these bases.

We want our clients to tell us what they want. We believe the decision-makers know what employees would like to have in their benefits program. Allowing choice is going to guarantee a significant return on investment. People are going to get the service they need and appreciate the efforts that are made.

We make sure that services are promptly delivered. Our counselors are in the neighborhood and it is easy to schedule an appointment. Those same professionals know that Countrywide financial wellness plan members receive top priority. We also want good treatment and respect. If we do not get the services we insist on, then we will not work with that certified counselor.

We are proud of the responses we get from plan members. They understand how important our services are and they are gratified by how quickly we deliver the benefits. It is also a humbling experience for us to be told about our member service. Countrywide makes use of professionals who have a human touch. It is a primary reason why we are a leader in the industry and hope to continue to be one of the best.

Learning how to deal with finances and debt is an education in life. What Countrywide offers is going to help plan members better understand how to manage the debt that arises. No consumer can escape debt entirely, but every consumer can effectively manage the bills. We are here to help people get used to being financially independent and responsible for their money.

We encourage any interested party to contact us about our benefits. We welcome the opportunity to explain the Countrywide way of servicing plan members. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience and ask all the questions you want.