Getting a Great House Deal Learn How to Negotiate

stockfresh_479551_house-in-hand_sizeS-300x200It is exciting to purchase that first house. The buyers can move out of cramped apartments and into larger spaces with a yard. The new owners can put down roots and even start a family. The house is a sign of financial wellness, but caveat emptor (let the buyer beware!) is sensible advice. Too many first-time buyers will pay a premium for what they do not know.


Financing Is Tricky


A conventional bank loan is straightforward, but FHA financing requires inspections and a fair amount of paperwork. The size of the down payment will affect the monthly house bill for years to come.


You Should Use an Agent


Some think that real estate agents are a bother. Such people believe they will save money by not having a real estate agent. Well, as the song goes, “it ain’t necessarily so.”


A buyer can end up paying more by going solo. Real estate agents know about small things, such as utility budgets, that need to be paid. The agent will negotiate the final cost with the seller. This can reduce the final price for the seller may agree to pay for specific improvements. Real estate agents work hard for their fees.


Inspections Are Important


Having a professional inspect the property will uncover problems that require repairs. These reviews of the premises protect financial wellness because the seller can pay for any repairs.


You Will Pay for Your Ignorance


First-time homebuyers do not know a lot about real estate. It is an industry with its unique language. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services wants to help House buying rookies avoid mistakes. We have a financial wellness benefit that educates people about buying home property.


A Very Worthwhile Program


“Make Your Move” is a self-study course that explains real estate. A person will learn what to do so that the buying experience is comfortable. Better decisions result from the learning derived from this educational course.





One of Our Options


The self-study course is only one of the financial wellness services we can provide. We have other benefits, including personal budget analysis and college debt assistance. A nationwide network of certified counselors provides the services. There is one located in the community of every Countrywide client. Our financial wellness plan members receive priority treatment, and our counselors practice social distancing.


We do not know the people who work for our clients. Consequently, we ask the client to tell us what options will be in the financial wellness plan. Those will be in the plan document. We provide administration and superior member services.


We also provide many levels of empathy. Many people are very hesitant about discussing finances. It is embarrassing to them and they are afraid of lectures. Clients can be assured that we will not judge any plan member. Our responsibility is to help people solve common financial problems.


A Countrywide counselor is recruited both on expertise and the ability to communicate with people. We want our professionals to show high levels of emotional intelligence. Those who do not have those special qualities will not be working with us. Respect and courtesy are qualities that we insist on counselors having.


There is no question that home buying is a significant event in any employee’s life. Their employees will respect employers who are willing to help staff make the right decisions on purchasing a house. This kind of attention shows a real concern for work teams and is deeply appreciated.


If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We are ready to explain our services and will answer any inquiries. We believe that we have a benefit your employees are going to need.