Reducing Remote Worker Stress Helping from a Distance

stockfresh_548333_people-standing-around-of-money-isolated-3d-image_sizeS-300x225Remote working is the new normal for thousands of people. They are working from home and are enjoying the change of scenery. Management likes the results. Studies are showing increases in efficiency and productivity caused by working from a distance. This is a workplace condition that will not end with the pandemic. The challenge will be how to improve on those benefits. Employers can do that with the right employee benefits.

Reducing Anxiety

Change produces benefits, but remote workers sometimes feel anxiety because they are not in the office. Those informal communication networks are gone, and it is not easy to get useful information. A big concern for many employees is personal finances. Management can lower employee stress by offering a financial wellness employee benefit.

Financial Wellness Helps Matters

Countrywide uses a nationwide network of certified counselors to provide the services. A person’s needs can be great or small, depending on the current situation. College debt worries many young employees. Other associates may be facing significant medical bills and are not prepared to show the cost. Credit card balances might have gone ballistic during the Christmas season. Such challenges are distractions for a remote worker. Countrywide will help resolve the issues.

Our counselors deal with common financial problems and give professional advice a person needs to hear. Often, a session with a Countrywide counselor is all a person requires to discover a workable solution.

Countrywide counselors will assist a financial wellness plan member in gathering information. A Countrywide budget analysis will uncover the source of cash flow troubles. Our asset inventory lets people know their full economic value. The experience and knowledge of the counselor is the best assistance anyone needs.

2021 might be the year a person buys a home. Our self – study course will educate a plan member about house buying. Countrywide counselors will help those struggling with bankruptcy and our Debt Management Plan stops a financial issue from becoming a full-scale emergency.




The Practice of Empathy

Financial matters are complicated for some people to discuss. They are afraid they may appear to be irresponsible; that is not the case. Our Countrywide counselors know how hard it is for people to express their concerns. It is why our professionals are recruited for their empathy.

High levels of emotional intelligence are essential for helping somebody who is not working at the office. Our counselors practice social distancing, and we can arrange for a conference on social media platforms, if necessary. No matter where we interact with a plan member, our counselors listen carefully.

We do not believe in embarrassing anyone. There are no stern lectures offered to anyone. Our concern is to solve problems, and we are proud of our counselors’ ability to rectify a problematic situation. We are there to help.

Working with the Client

Even though our clients are distant from our home office, we have no distance from our clients. We interact with client organizations on a routine basis. We stay in touch with the decision-makers. We encourage clients to let us know of any problems. If there is difficulty with administering our financial wellness benefits, we immediately do what is necessary to correct things.

We ask client organizations to tell us what benefit options should be in their unique plan. Management knows what the employees need, and we respect their decisions. We explain all our benefits to decision-makers carefully and answer all questions they have. Whatever financial wellness benefit options the client wants will be in the plan document. We will give excellent administration and superior member services.

Remote workers appreciate our benefits because it shows management is concerned about individual finances. Our clients are impressed with our ability to handle situations professionally, and we do not ask anybody to wait for help. If you have any questions about our financial wellness benefits plans, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We are here to help you in this new year.