Gifts of the Season May Have Problems

Consumer Protection Help is Important

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Everybody knows about Christmas but springtime is a very busy buying season as well. This is a time when graduation presents and wedding gifts are purchased. It helps make the season that much more fun but there can be a few problems. Some of the appliances and electronic purchases may have defects. The warranties need to be respected but that is not always the case. Moreover, some stores selling shoddy merchandise may refuse to give a refund. Honoring warranties and basic consumer protection are solid reasons for having a group legal plan benefit.

There are Unethical Store Managers

Not every store manager is unethical but there are a few. These merchants rely on people not reading the fine print in order to get away with a lot of poor merchandise. Something that a lawyer will provide as part of pre-paid legal services is an investigation of the warranty. Hidden in the paragraphs may be a strong requirement for the store to honor a warranty under given circumstances. Once those conditions are proven, the consumer can then press for the warranty to be paid.

The store may be stubborn and refuse, or not give a refund for a defective gift. They rely on the notion the consumer is not going to press the issue. If the person is covered by a group legal plan benefit, however, this is not going to be the case. There will be an attorney available to help process the consumer protection complaint with the proper agency. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer benefits that help

Helping Protect the Plan Member

Interpreting the warranty language and helping file consumer protection complaints are the primary benefits, but the Countrywide attorney does not stop there. A Countrywide group legal plan is a comprehensive collection of benefits options; each one helps provide complete service. Not only will the lawyer help with a consumer protection complaint, but also make telephone calls and write letters a behalf of the plan member.

The support does not end here, either. The store may still continue to be stubborn and the issue may have to go to a small claims court. Depending on what benefits are in the pre-paid legal services plan, Countrywide will also help prepare the evidence to be presented before the bench. What happens in all this is a scenario developing in which the store stands to lose. Rather than go through legal expense and trouble, the merchant will honor the warranty or provide a refund.

Give the Client What It Wants

Since 1987, Countrywide has been providing pre-paid legal services benefits for all types of organizations. We strongly believe that the benefit needs to be something employees can use immediately. No part of the benefit should just be on the books laying idle.  Consequently, we allow clients to decide what benefits options will be in the plan document. This makes the group legal plan that much more cost efficient. It also assures that benefits are going to be used by the employees.

We have a streamlined administration to permit quick delivery of service. No matter who the plan member may be this person will receive full benefits as soon as possible. Countrywide attorneys are in the community. It is easy enough to have a face-to-face consultation. The ability to have an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney in a given situation is also there.

Graduation gifts and wedding presents help celebrate the moment. They add a special luster to a life-defining event. These same items not to be defective. Countrywide can help with necessary consumer protection and in helping secure a warranty. Those are just some of the possible benefits we have. Decision-makers are encouraged to contact us about our benefits programs.

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