The Slide Down a Financial Hole

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We now and then fall into bad habits. Some of them are easy to shake off, but others are going to linger for quite some time. The abuse of credit cards is a seriously bad habit for people to fall into. It starts out innocently enough and gradually grows. When people start charging their groceries and small items on a daily basis, the result is a staggering amount of debt. The financial wellness of the individual is placed in very serious danger.

Debt Has Serious Consequences

What places the person in jeopardy can be the interest rates. These are in the double digits, and they add to an already large base of owed money. Anyone can panic in the situation and take desperate measures. These may include consolidating all credit cards into one particular loan, which may seem to be efficient. That is not always the case. Missing a payment on a consolidation loan can be a very grave mistake. It also may be the case that credit cards which have low-interest rates are consolidated in with the higher interest rate loans. It helps to have a financial wellness counselor sort things out

Professional Advice to Clear the Financial Haze

A good counselor is not a quick fix artist. He or she realizes credit card debt problems may be the result of years of bad habits. This professional also understands that nobody wants to be talked down to. The client is not a small child but an adult who deserves respect. The mark of a professional is the ability to take a look at the facts and develop workable solutions. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers a financial wellness program which employers should take a look at.

Countrywide Provides Excellent Service

We have a nationwide network of financial wellness counselors whose primary objective is to help people get out of a serious web. Our counselors will sit down with plan members and take a serious look at credit card debt. Recommendations will be made by the counselors and guidance will be given. It is understood that at the end of the day the final decisions are in the hands of the plan member. This individual will decide whether or not the advice provided is something worth following. Our counselors respect that.

It is the combination of expert advice and courtesy that provides the real value of this benefit. Employees who felt trapped by credit card debt can be relieved of anxiety. There is a way out and Countrywide helps give the direction. The attention to detail our counselors provide help solve problems. Individuals appreciate this kind of benefit. They show their gratitude by being even more productive at work since the burden of debt anxiety has been lifted from their shoulders.


We Work Closely with Clients

Countrywide has worked with all kinds of organizations since 1987and we know that there is a wide diversity of employees working for clients. It is critical for an employer to have a benefit that matches the needs of the workforce and this includes demographics. It is why Countrywide encourages choice. We have a number of options from which to choose. The employer then decides what is going to be part of the plan.

It takes a fair amount of discipline to get out of a credit card mess. It is not impossible, however, and having a good plan of action is certainly going to help. A financial wellness professional from Countrywide is going to see to it that a good strategy for eliminating credit card debt overload is developed. This is one benefit that is going to be used and employees will be glad that it is available. We encourage decision-makers to contact us about what we are able to provide. We are convinced that the financial wellness program is something any organization will want to have.