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Legal Help at a New Location is Appreciated

Group of business people. Business team. Isolated over white background.Career opportunities will sometimes require an employee to relocate. Moving to a new position is something that an ambitious person is willing to do, but there is a lot to pulling up roots and transferring elsewhere. To be sure, employers have relocation policies intended to help make the move easier. A group legal plan may not seem to be part of a relocation strategy, and yet it does have unique benefits for those moving to a new location.

Different Set of Rules

Moving to a different spot on the map is going to require getting used to a new round of rules and regulations. States will vary as far as laws are concerned. The same goes for communities and zoning restrictions. Anyone who is in a new area is going to have to adjust to ordinances and regulations which may be unfamiliar. It helps to have an attorney in the area. Pre-paid legal services provide benefits such as contract inspection, help to prepare small claims court cases, and dealing with consumer protection. Local attorneys may charge high fees, and a group legal plan makes the cost that much easier to afford. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers the kind of assistance a person may need in dealing with local bureaucracies. We have a nationwide network of attorneys who will provide these services.

Prompt Attention Is Given

Having to find a good lawyer is not easy, and a group legal plan makes things more convenient. Countrywide attorneys are aware of what services they are supposed to provide to a plan member. They know that an unlimited number of telephone calls will be allowed for a given situation, and face to face consultations need to be readily available. Those who are part of the Countrywide network also are aware of what is expected in regards to the quality of service. Countrywide insists upon courtesy and respect. These are attributes of excellent pre-paid legal services, and our attorneys provide both. The network has legal counsel in the local area. No plan member has to go searching through telephone directories to find the right attorney. If necessary, Countrywide will provide referrals to specialized lawyers. Everything is done to see to it that a plan member is not left alone in the world.

This Service Helps Organizations

Countrywide has been providing pre-paid legal services to organizations since 1987, and our clients appreciate the value. Employers know that relocating employees are often preoccupied with situations arising outside the office. While the corporate attorney may not be available to render assistance, a group legal plan allows access to what the individual needs. It is the kind of support that makes relocation much easier. Issues that suddenly crop up can be handled without any problem.

The plan itself can be tailored to the needs of a given organization. Employers are concerned about the demographics and requirements of their respective employee population. Countrywide will allow the client to decide what options will be available in the plan itself. We guarantee that no matter what the content of the final plan document, the service will always be of the highest quality. Our administration is designed to respond quickly to any request for help. Existing clients have always mentioned how nice it is to have a plan administrator who is responsive and efficient. Countrywide makes certain that the plan management will provide the best service.

Business is starting to pick up, and relocation opportunities are starting to increase. Having a group legal makes it easier for any employee to make a decision to relocate. Our network of attorneys is there to be of assistance to anyone who is a plan member. With that in mind, a prospective client can take a look at all of our benefit options to determine which will be the best for them. We encourage decision-makers to contact us and ask any questions about what we can do to better help their employees.

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