Giving Millennials the Help They Need

Any Assistance Means a Lot to Them



Newly hired Millennial employees for a face many challenges. Quite a few are experiencing independent, adult living for the first time. While the paycheck looks great, financial responsibilities take away much of the money. It isn’t long before the grace period on college loans end, and a person has start making payments. There’s a certain amount of confusion which could lead to trouble with financial wellness. It is important to help these new staff members as they learn how to manage their cash properly. The individual determines the need to be addressed. To be sure, Millennials will perhaps be dealing with college loan debt but there are other financial difficulties. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has, in addition to group legal plans, a financial wellness program that has the objective of providing necessary information and guidance to all employees, particularly Millennials.

Professionals Teach the Financial Wellness Lessons

College debt is something that these young employees are forced to deal with, and many do not know all the ways to manage college debt. It is no surprise that Millennials who are doing well financially have no idea about refinancing their education loan obligations. Countrywide has a nationwide network of certified counselors. These are professionals who deal with modern money problems, including how to deal with college loan repayment. They can instruct a plan member on how to go about refinancing, and warn this individual against possible problems. Ignorance is the biggest threat to any Millennial. Not being able to develop a sensible budget can cause difficulty later. Our counselors will gladly talk with these young employees and do a budget analysis of their existing situation. It is amazing how often these hard-working employees discover they’re not quite sure how to manage their finances. A simple budget analysis performed by Countrywide counselor can clear up any confusion.

Various Instruction Tools are Used

The counselor can also help with an asset inventory. This can help anyone get a better grasp of what he or she owns. The inventory can be exhaustive, but it provides a wealth of information. Countrywide strongly feels that education is the best way to help an energetic young employee. We offer instruction on how to buy a house, providing the kind of information any consumer needs to make the right decision on real estate. Millennials appreciate this kind of guidance as they try to get their share of the American dream.

Employers know the value of their Millennial staff. They want to provide excellent benefits, but they also want these to be comprehensive. In other words, the benefit must extend to as many employees as possible. Countrywide knows of this concern and is very flexible. We permit our clients to decide what financial wellness options will be part of the overall benefit plan. Those choices are incorporated into the final document and Countrywide has the task of administering them. Our administration is streamlined so that there is very quick response to any service request.

Countrywide Helps Meet an Known Need

Surveys indicate that Millennials want help with their financial problems. Decision-makers are looking at all kinds of ideas, including allowing 401(k) plans to pay college loans or outright grants of money to these young people. What Countrywide offers is just as valuable but does not cost as much money. Our education and guidance enable a new employee to establish a healthy independent lifestyle, free of unnecessary anxiety. Our financial wellness program is a benefit any employer will be proud to offer to the workforce.

We can appreciate that our program generates a lot of questions and we encourage them. We think the decision-makers should know as much as possible about the Countrywide benefit before committing to it. Consequently, we invite executives and human resources directors to get in touch with us regarding our programs. We want to be able to explain to you how the Countrywide financial wellness plan is a solid benefit for all employees.