Avoid the Credit Card Grinch

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The Christmas holiday season is now over. No doubt, you have probably cleaned up all the mess and the empty boxes have been picked up by the garbage collection. You may be looking back at the holidays as a fun time with your family. That’s nice but there may be something coming ahead that is going to cause problems for your financial wellness. Christmas cheer comes at a price.
Credit Debt Grows

Shoppers use plastic for many purchases and those cards come out during the shopping season of December. Your generosity may be amazing, but the bill is coming. The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas but the charges on the credit cards can rip a hole in your finances. Your January statement may show that you have spent more you needed to, and you are in very serious credit card debt. It is not easy to figure out how to get out of the problem and help may be needed. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services is here to help. We have a financial wellness program that can provide needed assistance.
We make use of a nationwide network of certified counselors who are there to help with financial wellness emergencies. These people know how to deal with the aftermath of the Christmas buying frenzy. They’re able to do a budget analysis to find out where money is coming and going into individuals accounts.


Good Advice Helps

It happens that some people will max out a credit card and then start charging on another one. The Countrywide counselor can determine how best to address that kind of situation, and make suggestions on how to structure payments so that the minimum payments are sufficiently covered. It is easy to get a hold of one of our counselors; they happen to be in the community.


Young Employees Will Benefit from Financial Wellness Support

Millennials and newly hired employees may be the ones at greatest risk. They are finally making some serious money and have no trouble using the credit cards during the holiday season. It is possible they have incurred some very large bills because of their spending. It is important to remember that Countrywide counselors are not their parents. No one gets a lecture or sermon from Countrywide. Instead, our professionals will help these new employees get out of what can be a very tight financial situation. We offer the right kind of advice.
Employers always want to provide great benefits for employees and understand financial wellness is something which will be very important in the coming year. Just like our group legal plans, Countrywide has a program with a number of benefit options. We invite decision-makers to look at these and decide the ones that best suit their workforce. Benefits such as help with college debt or medical bills are some of the options we provide. The client can determine what will be in the final plan document. We do the administration.
We are particularly proud of our service we give to clients. Our counselors are aware that they must have both good personal skills as well as financial expertise. No one enjoys having to wait for help and our administration is designed for quick turnaround. That is something that our financial plan members favorably comment about. We are committed to giving the best service as effectively and efficiently as possible.
The aftermath of Christmas does not have to be a financial disaster. Countrywide has the assistance necessary to get out of any financial bind because by the holidays. We have the kind of financial wellness support that all employees want to have. We suggest that interested decision-makers contact us at their earliest convenience. We are ready to explain all the ways Countrywide makes life a lot easier for hard-working staff. We recommend that if you contact us, you ask as many questions as you want. We are ready to answer.