Government Agencies Should Work for You!

An Attorney can help make that Happen


Government agencies are established to be of service to the public. Assistance that helps families in time of crisis or what is needed to qualify for a government program should be available as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. The wheels of bureaucracy many times have only two speeds: slow and stop. This creates a great deal of frustration that is not needed. Private insurance exchanges and employers alike want to provide benefits that offer real help. A group legal plan that includes advice on dealing with government agencies has a great deal of value.

Speeding Things up a Bit

Countrywide Pre- Paid Legal Services offers a benefit that can help people make it through the snarls and tangles of government agency policies. Our Personal Legal Protector Plan has group legal services that expedite the process. A plan member is put in contact with a lawyer from the Countrywide network. This person is familiar with the workings of government agencies, and may have direct contact with the department a plan member is dealing with. One of the benefits in our group legal plan is the ability for an attorney to make telephone calls and write letters on behalf of the plan member. The lawyer can serve as a guide through the administrative forest, explaining what process has to be followed to get services. The Countrywide attorney will cut to the chase on a problem. He or she is familiar with the avenues of procedure and can help move an application or appeal safely through the channels. The result is government service received quickly and efficiently.

The Other Benefits Matter

Some companies that offer group legal services won’t do anything more than just process the papers. A plan member will get attention but may have to wait in line to receive it. Countrywide gives priority to everyone in the plan. Countrywide attorneys understand that people who pay for the services of a group legal plan are to be treated with efficiency and respect. We allow plan members to make as many telephone calls as necessary on a given matter to the attorney. A legal professional is recruited based on client sensitivity as well as legal expertise. Working through a bureaucratic process can be frustrating. Countrywide attorneys carefully explain all of the steps needed and do their best to relieve any anxieties. No person enrolled in a Countrywide group legal plan is treated like a case file. Everyone is important.

Keeping the Administration Efficient

Delays in service only add to a person’s frustration. Countrywide wants plan members to receive assistance as quickly as possible and our benefits administration is purposely made simple. Everyone gets expert legal support in a very timely fashion. Since 1987 Countrywide has worked with all types of organizations, and we appreciate the uniqueness of each client. It is why we tailor all of our group legal services efforts to the needs and expectations of a given client. Only those options that are considered essential will be part of the final plan design.

We offer a benefit that an individual can definitely use. People have a right to receive needed services from government agencies. The process can be a little bit frustrating but our attorneys make it a lot easier. Countrywide combines solid legal knowledge with sensitive client service to provide a comprehensive group legal services benefit. Employers have commented favorably on how well their workforce is treated by our attorneys, and we expect every plan member to be given exceptional service.

Countrywide does offer other options that can be part of a comprehensive plan. We encourage private insurance exchanges and employers to contact us and find out more about all we have to offer.