Protection from the Cyber Hackers

Platinum Identity Theft Protector Plan is the best defense


It is no joke that hackers are alive and well and breaking down security walls. The media has not only discussed the Heartbleed emergency but also has reported on major retail websites such as EBay being compromised. We live in a society where debit and credit cards are the primary means of financial transactions. E-commerce websites to try to maintain a stiff defense, but security walls can be breached and financial information can be compromised. When it happens financial information can be stolen and used immediately. The victim may not know until weeks later the extent of the damage, and discover that his or her credit ratings have been destroyed. Group legal services that offer firm protection against identity theft is something all consumers would like to have.

Countrywide Offers Superior ID Theft Protection
Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has developed group legal plans since 1987. We have watched how ID thieves have stolen the integrity of many people and we offer a group legal services benefit that provides excellent protection. The Countrywide Platinum Identity Protector Plan has the kind of group legal service that consumers would want for protection. This plan includes the following:
• three credit scores with daily credit monitoring and email alerts;
• monthly credit score updates:
• $25,000 of identity theft insurance;
• Free customer support.

The customer support cannot be underestimated. Filing a credit dispute is absolutely necessary to restore label credit scores. The Platinum Identity Protector Plan is there to offer the kind of assistance needed to do a proper filing. Additionally, the theft insurance is a valuable part of this special benefit. There are fees necessary for refilling and notarizing affidavits. The insurance helps pay for those costs. An attorney may be necessary to restore financial integrity; the insurance will help pay the fees and expenses of an approved attorney. There is no deductible with this coverage. Should a group legal services plan member encounter lost wages, that insurance will pay $500 per week for up to four weeks within the first 12 months of theft discovery. There simply isn’t a group legal plan that is more comprehensive than our Platinum Identity Protector Plan.

The Trauma of the Theft
ID theft is one of the most traumatic experiences a person goes through. It is not just the breach of security that frightens a person but the possibility that his or her bank accounts and credit cards can be exploited by an ingenious thief. The customer service we provide is intended to do more than just help fill out claims. Our staff understands the emotional distress of any individual who calls asking for service. Countrywide customer service associates will calmly explain all of the alternatives and encourage a person to ask questions about what their options may be. No one is treated like a number by Countrywide. We insist on the best customer service for any of our group legal plan benefits. Those who need our services can be assured of courtesy, respect, and efficient administration of all services. That empathy is what helps Countrywide stand out from all the rest.

ID theft is something that a private insurance exchange would want to have as a group legal services option to provide for clients. Employers who’ve worked with us in the past have all appreciated the quality of the service Countrywide provides. They are well aware of our mission of providing the very best assistance to a plan member. Countrywide provides a variety of options in the area of group legal plan benefits, and we also have options for ID theft that can be viable alternatives.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about how we can better protect credit identity from cyber thieves should feel free to contact us.