Graduation Blues Countrywide Can Remove the Depression

stockfresh_7102501_college-debt_sizeS-300x300Commencement ceremonies are going on all over America. While COVID-19 has disrupted many college experiences, the graduation festivities are there to remind young people that all their hard work finally paid off. While the lucky have landed some good-paying jobs, many graduates face the real world with a sizable amount of debt on their young shoulders.


The College Debt Monster


It is no joke at all. College graduates can be looking at a debt of thousands of dollars that will take many years to pay off finally. Graduation speakers tell their audience to take a few months and explore the world, but that is not feasible. The payments will start in about six months after receiving the diploma. Graduates may be tempted into declaring forbearance, but that will only delay the inevitable at an even higher price.


It is a safe bet that newly hired college graduates have a college debt problem. These young people have never handled debts that size and need some help. Compassionate employers understand this and will step forward to assist in efforts to protect financial wellness. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a benefits plan that can lighten the academic debt load.


Experts are the Best Coaches


The Countrywide network of certified financial counselors is there to be of service. There is a counselor in every community where there is a Countrywide client, and plan members are given priority status. It is easy to schedule a conference with one of our counselors.


College graduates are at the mercy of not knowing what to do. Maintaining financial wellness was not one of the required courses at university. The Countrywide counselor is familiar with college debt woes and can offer valuable advice.


There are ways to negotiate lower rates or even debt forgiveness. Our financial wellness counselor can show how that is done. A person does not have to rely on forbearance to manage obligations. A budget analysis of a plan member’s finances will give the information a counselor needs to construct a livable budget that will include cash for those debt payments.


The budget analysis alone is substantial assistance. College graduates have not been required to live on a budget before and often use credit cards for groceries and other necessities. A Countrywide counselor will juggle the numbers and show how simple it can be to live within one’s means. We give lessons in the real world that are worth their weight in gold.





Expect to Receive Respect


A recent college graduate is entering the adult world and wants to be respected. Budget questions are hard to ask because no one wants to look like a kid who cannot handle the figures. We understand the need to be treated like an adult. All our financial wellness plan members are shown respect, regardless of age. No question is stupid, and our counselors address all concerns. A young employee is spared a lecture from our professionals. Solutions are the main objective of Countrywide.


The Help of Clients


The financial wellness benefit has options that help employees, but not all the options fit the workforce’s needs. We ask prospective clients to select those benefits that will be part of their financial wellness plan. The decision-makers choose the services, and these are part of the plan. Countrywide will provide administration and superior member services.


New employees should be able to walk confidently in the working world without tripping on financial shoelaces. They appreciate the help they receive with money matters like college debt. Countrywide is here to be of service to them and all other employees. If you wish to know more about Countrywide, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will gladly answer all your questions.