Granting the Power

Medical Power of Attorney can Ease a Tough Situation


Anyone who has been confronted with the dilemma of what do to about a comatose relative understands the situation. The doctor has just informed the family that there is nothing more to be done for their loved one. This person will stay in a state of unconsciousness indefinitely. There is no real chance of revival. The doctor also tells them that the person will remain on life-support systems until death finally happens. Without instructions from the patient, there is nothing the hospital can do. It is a state of intense agony as family members watch the body for any sign of life. If there are instructions or someone has medical power of attorney, the decision-making is much simpler. Human resources can ease the pain people experience by offering a group legal plan that provides for medical power of attorney.

Power of Attorney Allows for Decision Making

Medical Power of Attorney is very straight forward. A group legal services plan member with the help of an attorney appoints an individual (or individuals) to make decisions regarding medical treatment should the plan member become infirm, mentally incapacitated, or on life support. It is a legally binding document and the guiding principle is that the plan member is not able to make treatment decisions due to the his or her medical condition. The benefit is the decision process. Whoever possess the medical power of attorney can immediately instruct medical staff on what is to be done. Though this may mean turning off all life support, the decision can also be the approval of experimental treatment. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services believes that medical power of attorney is important in dealing with the health care of a person. It is why this legal option is offered in the group legal plan benefits we design for clients.

Tough Decisions Can be Easily Made

There is no ambiguity about the language in a power of attorney document. Whoever has that authorization can move forward without hesitation on behalf of the group legal plan member. The Countrywide lawyer who drafts the document is fully aware of how emotional the entire process can be. We choose our legal experts on their people skill as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the law. The attorney goes over the draft carefully with the plan member. Any questions are answered completely and nothing is finalized without the full consent of the plan member. Human resources should know that the same level of respect is given to every group legal plan member without exception. The lawyers are from the local area, and people are treated as if they lived down the street. The final power of attorney document leave no stone unturned regarding the decision making powers.

Competent Administration is a Countrywide Quality

All Countrywide group legal services plans are constructed for efficient and expedient service. Any additional advice or assistance is delivered without delay or unnecessary administrative procedure. Regardless of the group legal services benefit option being exercised, unlimited telephone calls to the Countrywide lawyer is permissible for a given situation. If official letters or calls need to be made it is all part of the stellar assistance that has made Countrywide stand out in the legal services industry.

Family members in times of crisis need a means of reducing pained uncertainty. Medical power of attorney removes a major load from the backs of loved ones. This is the type of group legal services benefit that prevents the grief process from being delayed. Plan members will know that medical decisions will be one less thing loved ones will have to worry about. Countrywide is committed to being a real service to people. Our other options also provide real help when it is needed. We encourage human resources to contact us about all we have to help others with legal matters.