Responding to a Vacation Emergency

Our Legal Network can Help in Distant Locations


Summer is peak vacation time at the office. Employees have worked hard all year long and look forward to that one or two weeks of vacation. It can be at some resort area hundreds of miles away from the office. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Unfortunately, there are times when human resources received a telephone call it would rather not get. It is from an employee who’s got into a major legal hassle in another state. This poses a real problem for human resources because corporate legal counsel cannot be used. A group legal plan with a strong network of attorneys is something that would really be helpful.

New Places Have Different Laws

These are not necessarily major crimes or problems that occur. It often happens that what is in dispute is a local law or regulation the employee was not aware of. The difficulty can be not just an interruption of the vacation, but perhaps even an appearance in court. The employee is at a loss because he or she is a stranger in a strange land. Getting good legal advice is important in these situations. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offers as part of its Personal Legal Protector Plan a network of attorneys that is nationwide in scope.

These are legal professionals who live in the area. Anyone who has group legal services through Countrywide can make use of expert legal assistance in these local matters that are far from home. Part of the group legal plan Countrywide provides are unlimited telephone calls to the attorney on a given matter. The attorney can also help with telephone calls and letters written on behalf of the individual. What helps is that the attorney is from the area and understands local law. This professional is able to cut through any delays and help bring about a good resolution. These are the kind of group legal services that are definitely important for any vacation.

A plan member can be assured that even though the place is far from home, he or she will be treated as if they were local clients. The Countrywide network of attorneys understands how important it is to provide the very best service no matter who the person is or where that person has come from. The lawyer will explain all the options carefully to the individual and offer suggestions on how to bring about closure. Such benefits at a distance cannot be underestimated. Legal problems can force a person to extend a vacation if there is no legal counsel available. The Countrywide group legal plan services allow a person to take care of the matter right away.

Prompt Assistance Is Assured

Delays in such instances can be very costly. Countrywide has deliberately designed all of its group legal services to have very simple and direct administration. No one has to wait for services to be rendered; they are provided promptly in every instance. A group legal plan member who is on vacation can be justifiably frantic, but his or her anxieties are reduced with our quick service. Hopefully, any matter involving legal assistance is minor and takes only a little time. The plan member would be able to return to enjoying his or her vacation. Human resources is also relieved of the worry about this individual because there’s legal assistance right at the location.

Being able to respond to somebody who is away from the office is the mark of a very good
benefit. Human resources directors who have group legal services as part of a comprehensive benefits plan helps make these emergencies easy to handle. We have other options that can help employees and we are flexible enough to design whatever the organization needs. We have been in the legal benefits industry since 1987 and we have a variety of benefit options that may be of interest. We encourage any inquiries and would appreciate the chance to talk more about what we can provide for employees.