Securing the Best Deal

Legal benefits have to be a full package


Human resources directors have the responsibility of finding the best possible benefits for employees. It isn’t just to keep them working at the company, but also to see to it they experience great job satisfaction. Helping hard-working associates with legal problems relieves an awful lot of stress. Comprehensive group legal services are the kind of benefits that takes a burden off their backs and reduces the anxiety that a number of issues create. To get the best return on any voluntary benefit investment, human resources has to find the most comprehensive type of group legal plan benefits.

Going the Distance on Legal Issues

Many people like the idea of having attorneys draw up wills, but that really should not be the only legal services provided. A good benefit plan is going to offer an array of options to address all kinds of issues. This can include a review of contracts, helping with consumer protection issues, advice on immigration and other domestic issues, and help with small claims cases. The group legal services ought to be able to step in and provide the support that is needed in emergency situations and in estate planning. There also should be some administrative support such as an unlimited number of telephone calls to the attorney on a given matter, and face-to-face consultation if necessary. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has extensive experience in designing group legal plan benefits for all kinds of organizations. Our experience helps us develop plans that offer substantial legal assistance.

Covering the Bases

We recognize the pressure human resources directors are under to provide the very best. That is why Countrywide designs superior plans. Attorneys in the Countrywide network are expected to go the extra mile for the sake of plan members. These legal professionals will write letters and make telephone calls on behalf of anyone connected with a Countrywide group legal services plan. A person having trouble getting needed government services can rely on a Countrywide lawyer to provide advice and guidance on securing what is needed. Plan members are not forced to deal with red tape or delays.

Response to any problem is immediate and comprehensive.

Countrywide has a well-earned reputation for hands on empathy. Our attorneys understand how important it is to come with workable solutions to problems. They are also aware that the feelings of a plan member have to be taken into consideration. The Countrywide legal professional will carefully explain all the options and make recommendations. No question is insignificant. Helping the group legal plan member is the most important job.

Efficient and Timely Administration

Countrywide understands that human resources does not want a tangle of paperwork with any benefit offered to the workforce. We design plans that are expressly intended to provide for easy administration and prompt delivery of service. Clients have all commented favorably on the competence of the Countrywide staff and the effectiveness of the benefits. We have developed group legal plan benefits since 1987, and we will gladly tailor a plan design to fit specific needs.

The fiscal year is just about to begin for a number of companies and human resources may have the goal of improving company benefits. We have a number of options that are highly attractive and provide meaningful service to people. We welcome the chance to explain in detail the service options we have that can make life easier. We invite human resources directors and other decision makers to contact us, and we can explore with them the group legal services that have made Countrywide a leader in the legal services industry.

We encourage questions and we provide prompt answers. Contact us today.