Great Benefits and Easy to Administer

Employee benefits will come in all shapes and sizes. They offer different type of assistance based on the plan design but the best will provide benefits that employees can really use, and are very easy for management to administer. Those two qualities are reflected in The Personal Legal Protector Plan offered by Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services. This is a particular group legal plan that offers a fantastic voluntary benefit for the plan members.

The Personal Legal Protector Plan centers on the fact that sooner or later people are going to have need of legal advice. This can come in the form of dealing with issues such as landlord – tenant, estate planning, adoption, and many other matters involving the law. As a group legal voluntary benefit, the Personal Legal Protector Plan offers numerous types of assistance that a plan member can really use.

The Value a Group Legal Plan Can Offer

The benefit can come in the form of face-to-face consultations. They can also be instances where contracts are reviewed by the attorney prior to signature. There are times when a landlord may be indifferent to the needs of the tenant, and a call from an attorney changes that property owner’s attitude completely. The advice of a veteran lawyer is many times just as important as the work he or she does in filing legal papers.

Attorneys do not ordinarily go with a client into small claims court room, but these legal professionals add substance to a voluntary benefit by preparing the evidence, and giving sound counsel to the plan member. These are all elements of a group legal plan that provides something worthwhile to the plan members. Human resources will notice that a voluntary benefit such as one offered by Countrywide Prepaid Legal Services is very easy to administer. A voluntary prepaid payroll deduction plan can be created that takes the administrative load off of the back of human resources. There are even instances where the legal services can actually back up already existing employee benefits.

The Countrywide Advantage Adds Even More

Not every attorney who wants to work with Countrywide is admitted to the legal network. We are very particular about who is going to be able to represent plan members, and these barristers are carefully screened. It is standard for us to inquire as to the expertise held by a lawyer in various areas of law, such as contracts or drafting wills. There is even more that we evaluate. A Countrywide plan member is not just another file in the cabinet and we insist that any member is given courtesy and respect.

The attorneys are required to consider any question seriously, and provide the very best advice. Countrywide is extremely concerned that customer service be a part of any consultation. Letters and phone calls that are needed for a particular matter should be details that are handled within a very short period of time. No plan member ought to be kept waiting. We screen attorneys for their ability to handle a plan member’s problem with empathy and patients. That is as important to us as the legal knowledge the lawyer possesses.

Countrywide has worked with all types of organizations since 1987. We can develop a group legal voluntary benefit which will fit nicely into any existing employee benefits program, and provide precisely what is expected by management. We make it a point to be extremely flexible in working with human resources and other decision-makers. If it is decided that there is to be a change or improvement of some kind to the plan, we are more than willing to make the alterations. What we would enjoy is hearing from any human resources director or employer who has questions about our services. It is our pleasure to provide the answers.