A Variety of Options

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services offer a wide range of Choice

Employers certainly understand the importance of providing their workforce with the best possible benefits. They appreciate being able to choose from various options, and not be forced into a take-it-or-leave-it decision. Management also likes the possibility of several different means of payment, because the choice permits a determination based on the financial ability of the company. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services stands out from the rest of competition in the variety of group legal plan choices provided to decision-makers.

Countrywide Offers a Great Selection

The Countrywide legal benefits offer an extensive amount of assistance to plan members. The Personal Legal Protector Plan provides assistance in a wide range of legal matters that include landlord – tenant issues, difficulties with contracts, and even help in drafting a will and medical power of attorney. These are elements of a group legal plan that give a considerable amount of legal support to plan members who perhaps are totally unfamiliar with the law. Identity theft is something which increasingly more people are worried about, and this is a benefit which is offered in the Platinum ID Protector Plan.

Decision-makers are also interested in various options for payment, and Countrywide has a number of means in which the legal benefits of a group legal plan can be paid. There is the possibility of a payroll deduction plan, a cost-sharing between employer and employee, an employer paid plan, or even the capability of packaging the legal benefits with the other benefits of a comprehensive program. It is the employer who decides. What is important to keep in mind is the easy administration of any Countrywide legal benefit. The human resources department of a company should not have to be burdened with large stacks of paperwork or tedious procedures. One quick look at how the Countrywide benefits can be administered should be enough to put a smile on any manager’s face.

Value plus Benefits

Countrywide allows plan members access to a network of highly professional attorneys. These people are experienced in many facets of the law and offer well-reasoned advice to plan members. Part of the legal benefits is unlimited telephone conversations between a network attorney and a plan member of various matters. The attorneys also will make telephone calls on behalf of a plan member, and write letters to convince other parties to be more conciliatory. These lawyers can also prepare the evidence necessary to successfully argue a position in small claims court. A Countrywide group legal plan will allow for discounts on various hourly and scheduled rates, and will provide a discount for standard contingency percentages.

The value plus is not just in cost or legal benefits. The lawyers who are a part of the Countrywide network are required to have very good customer service skills. Legal issues can frighten people in the Countrywide network attorneys understand such anxiety. These professionals are screened to determine whether or not they have the empathy to handle various legal issues that involve family or emotional situations. It is extremely important to Countrywide that a lawyer be both expert in law, and courteous to all plan members.

Countrywide has had experience in dealing with all types of organizations as a group legal plan is developed. We take great pride in being very flexible and willing to tailor a plan to the needs of an employer. We will work with management and human resources to construct the legal benefits that address the needs of the workforce, and are sensitive to the demographics of such hard-working people. We would welcome the opportunity to explain to any employer, all the various benefits various benefits we have for that person to consider.