Being a Proactive Consumer

Warranties are meant to be honored

When consumers go shopping for big ticket items, they want to have warranties and assurances that if things go bad the product can be easily returned for a refund or replacement. During holiday sales in particular, retail stores will issue a number of warranties to get the products moving off the shelves. It can happen that the purchase has a defect. Regrettably, it can also happen that a store will not honor the warranty.

It sounds almost too crazy, but some retailers will protect their profit margins by not honoring the warranty issued earlier. They will point to a clause or a condition that lets them off the hook. It can be very frustrating for consumer to have this happen, and a person who is a member of a group legal plan can get needed assistance.

The Power of the Advice

Consultation is part of any voluntary benefit that provides legal services. It brings a plan member in contact with an attorney who has experience in consumer protection. That legal professional can take a look at the warranty or contract that guaranteed certain services. He or she can then advise on what is the best course of action to do. It may also be part of the group legal plan that the attorney can write letters or make telephone calls on behalf of the plan member. That can have a very positive effect. A store manager who has been rude to a customer may have a change of mind when a lawyer calls. If may be possible that reason takes charge, and the store honors the warranty.

The same can happen with service not properly rendered such as auto repair. The communication from an attorney carries with it the possibility of future legal action or the filing of papers with a consumer protection agency of the government. Breach of service contract can also result in complaints filed with the local Better Business Bureau. Those people who are part of a group legal plan have the kind of service that can put serious pressure on any company that ignores warranties or does not fulfill service agreements. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit that provides for consumer protection.

Countrywide Guards the Consumer

The Countrywide Personal Legal Protector Plan is a voluntary benefit that includes warranty and consumer protection. The attorneys who are part of our network have experience in consumer protection law and can advise anybody on how best to deal with consumer complaints. Their advice can steer a person in the right direction, and reach a solution without a lot of emotional drama.

This is the kind of voluntary benefit that any employee appreciates. It provides the type of action that brings an end to a very frustrating situation. Human resources directors do not have to worry about the administration process of the Personal Legal Protector Plan, because this is a group legal benefit that is very easy to manage. The benefit also comes with superior Countrywide customer service. Anyone who is a member of a voluntary benefit plan designed by Countrywide can expect to be shown courtesy and empathy by all of the attorneys. No matter how many calls are to customer support, each one is treated as if it were the initial contact. Efficiency and respect are service qualities Countrywide expects all of its staff members to have.

Countrywide has been designing group legal plans of organizations since 1987. We offer the kind of voluntary benefit that covers consumer protection issues and a variety of other legal concerns. We will gladly tailor any plan so that it provides the best possible group legal services. Please feel free to call us with any questions that you might have.