Drafting the Last Will

A tough job can be made easier

Preparing a will is not easy because it makes a person confront his or her mortality. Still, it ought to be done for the sake of both spouse and dependents. People have to remember that death doesn’t always come at the end of a period long life. It is sad but it happens too often that a person in the prime of life will be cut down by terminal illness or traffic accident. No one should assume that probate court will be easy on any estate that is found to be intestate (without a will). Without the document, the courts can assign distributions that were not truly the wishes of the deceased. If an individual has a group legal plan that covers the creation of that final document, he or she ought to make use of it to protect loved ones. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a voluntary benefit that will help a person put affairs in order.

A Delicate Situation

There’s a lot of emotion that can go into drafting this document. Countrywide attorneys understand this and voluntary benefits, such as those found in our Personal Legal Protector Plan, are provided with very sincere empathy. The attorneys realize the subject matter is not something that people enjoy thinking about. Nevertheless, they will go over what has to be in a will and point out how important it is to update the paperwork should there be a change in life (e.g., marriage, divorce, adoptions, etc.). A simple will is part of the group legal services that can be done, and our voluntary benefit plan will allow for free annual updates. Living wills and medical powers of attorney give direction in the event that a plan member is in the last stages of terminal illness or mentally unable to make decisions. Again, such matters are not comfortable to consider but take a lot of pressure off the shoulders of family members. The empathy which is part of any group legal services offered by Countrywide makes this process much easier.

Easy and Efficient Administration

Countrywide understands that executives and human resources want to have benefits that do not take up a lot of time managing, and have fairly simple means of funding. Countrywide can offer a voluntary benefit that is a prepaid payroll deduction plan, eliminating a lot of the administrative problems that sometimes happen with other employee benefits. We also want to assure decision-makers that their employees are valued by us and treated with respect. Attorneys are screened for people skills as well as legal expertise by Countrywide. Those who cannot communicate and sympathize are not part of our network.

We have designed group legal plans for organizations of all kinds and sizes since 1987. We are very flexible in working we do, and any voluntary benefit designed by Countrywide can be tailored to the specifications given us by an employer. What the client wants is what we intend to deliver, and superior customer service is something that is always part of a Countrywide group legal services plan.

Final days on earth and death itself are very disturbing things to ponder. No matter how difficult, this does not absolve anybody from responsibility to those loved ones who are left behind. An individual must take steps necessary to see to it that the security of survivors is assured and this is not something that can be ignored. Employers can help their employees make these decisions by offering a group legal services that include the drafting of a last will and testament. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services will see to it that such a final document is well-prepared and the entire process conducted with respect.

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